Friday, November 19, 2010

Motifs, Doily, Snowflakes, Hearts, Bookmarks, Necklace and Earrings

Sorry this update took so long, there's been lots of tatting going on and it took me 3 days to catch up.
Beverly has been away from tatting for a while but she's back with a rosette pattern that she's tested to make sure it works.

Ingrid already has Iris Niebach's Cornelia done Delta 10 white crotchet cotton and the finished size is about 30 cm diameter (12 inch).

Orsi has plans for a new gown and here is the lace she plans on using for it.

Corina made a felted pouch and used a needle tatted closure and decoration made with yarn for the front and back.

Liyarra took a trip to Denmark but she didn't do a lot of tatting while she was gone. She did make this lovely mat using a pattern is by Eddica tatted in yellow and white 40 Anchor.

IsDihara is tatting butterflies in new colours like, Ocean Sunset, Juicy Watermelon and Rootbeer Float.

Wanda has taken up the challenge to to decorate an empty box of chocolates with tatting. Her chocolate brown box is trimmed with a creamy edging and a white chocolate snowflake. I know it isn't real chocolate, but it makes me hungry looking at it, or maybe it's just supper time.

Ancolie shows us her originally designed heart, the result of her lessons from the Design-Tat course.
Anne has had a busy summer for tatting with lots of tatting decorated shuttles, hearts, bookmarks, snakes and snowflakes.

BSOTF shares her unique set of ABC's for teaching kids their letters.

Diane is thrilled that she has managed to complete 2 snowflakes without any major problems. They are Motif #11 from DMC Festive Tatting done in size 20 Lizbeth, colors #670 and #685.

Fox finished Iris' motif in green and enjoyed it so much she did it again in the red Valdani. That was so much fun she did it in blue.

Kelly has been a very busy tatter. First there are the Lacy Bookmark LaRae Mikulecky's pattern in Lizbeth size 20 threads for a craft show. Then there are tree and wreath ornaments to sell. And she has done over 2 dozen snowflake ornaments using my Beaded Snowflake pattern and Carolyn Groves angel pattern all done in Cebelia threads. Then there is Rachel Jacksons`Poinsettia/Star Flower Earring pattern using glitter nail polish for sparkle. Finially there is Jane' Hippo pattern done in Christmas red green and white.

Lily started Arum Lily by Linda Davies and at one point had to try opening a closed ring, but when it got the best of her she cut her losses and chopped it off. The colour is ivory white, in size 20 Camila, a thread from Brazil. Her Mom is shredding the floss flowers and they're coming along. Her other project in red is progressing, but no clue as to what it is yet.

Marty has been tatting Christmas pressies so she can't blog about them, but this earring and pendant set is for her sister's co-worker and it's made in Oren Bayan multi-colored metallic thread and sizes 15 and 10 seed beads -- there are 94 size 15 beads and 12 size 10 beads on each earring. The pendant has 206 size 15 beads and 8 size 10.

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