Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hearts, Motifs, Ornaments, Snowflakes, Angels and a Crab

Kat has almost finished tatting around the letters for the bride and groom. It's going to be a lovely keepsake.
Tattips has created a charming Valentine chocolate box for IsDihara's challenge. She didn't have an appropriate box to start with so she created a lid from card stock covered with a pretty pastel print and in the four corners she used Brigit Phleps' Sweethearts in pink and white, and in the centre she used another Brigit Phleps' design called L'il Heart in a soft green. The outer edge is covered with a Hens and Chick edging in pink and fine organza ribbon with small tatted flowers and some glitter finished it off.
IsDihara has posted links to all of the chocolate boxes so you can see them for yourself. She is going to have a terrible time choosing just one because they are all different and all delightful.

Ancolie made an adorable pink purse decorated with tatting and beads.

Anne has tatted more hearts, but these have been turned into a doily with the addition of an inset motif.

BSOTF has received her second secret Santa package filled with all kings of tatting goodness including an assortment of tatted ornaments.
Fox has mastered Jane's Flurry Snowflake and is ready to forge ahead making it again with beads.
Lily has finished the crab and used square hematite beads for eyes because that was the most appropriate size she had in her stash.
Marty has also tatted Jane's Flurry Snowflake using her sister's sister's Bermuda Red and Singing the Blues HDT in size 30.
Mica tatted this rosette which is her own design, but she doesn't like how the rings in the centre look.
Wally tatted a design created by Anne Bruvold, but she added a third colour to spice it up a bit.

Wendy tatted Christina's Angel from Mark Myers' book, Tatted Gathering of Angels in Lizbeth threads size 20 using a variegated green for the dress for a Christmas swap. Another Christina's Angel was also done in brighter colours, Lizbeth size 20, this time using a pretty blue for the dress.

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Tattingrid said...

Hi, Sharon,

Did it! 25 motifs! Would you please count me in for the next round of 25??!!