Monday, November 08, 2010

Bookmarks, Doily, Motifs, Flowers, Heart, Mask and Snowflakes

Ladydoc Teresa has jumped back on the tatting bandwagon with these two pieces; Kersti's Stumpy in black and red variegated Finca #12 and Becky Dempsey's cross pattern also done in #12 Finca.

Ingrid started a doily/mat from "The tatted artistry of Teiko Fujito" but she ran out of thread and so did the store. So she started my Merry Christmas snowflake from December 2009.

Magda has a great start on Christmas ornaments. These balls have been decked out with Altin Basak 50 in white and silver, and two white Aida size 20.

Orsi is contemplating a giveaway, creating a made to measure shirt pattern incorporating lace. Check her blog for details. In the interim she has been designing a mask, but it isn't quite the way she wants it yet.

Lily has been working on the Bird of Paradise pattern by Linda Davies. She didn't have the required thread colour for the blue so she improvised using a cobalt blue with a dark highlight of midnight blue cotton/polyester blend sewing thread worked in. The floss flower used a 2-ply Camila by coats in orange which works up like a size 20 and DMC perle size 8 in color 718, burgundy wine similar to size 30 with red glass beads. Since her mother volunteered to do the shredding, she started more floss flowers in Sunshine Yellow and a cheesy orange colour. She finally got all of the component petals of the Bird of Paradise done. She just has to assemble everything.

Carolyn was given a lot of vintage thread but there isn't a lot of any one colour so she's going to be tatting smalled projects for a while, like St. Pat's Day Doily by Heather in ivory thread.
Linda shows us the snowflakes used in her tree skirt all of which were tatted with 20 Lizbeth white thread. The first two are from "Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments" edited by Barbara Foster; Snowflake 4 and Snowflake 6. Then the top left is Randy Houtz Motif 2 in his book, "Tatting the Self-Closing Mock Ring for GR-8 Design", followed by the top right one by Roger aka Freedman that uses rings and chains with lots of picots. The bottom left is a split ring clover snowflake that also works up quickly from Wendy Durell. Bottom right is a quick and easy snowflake with lots of picots by Carol Winandy. Finally we have the finished tree skirt. She plans to tat a few more snowflakes and put over the seams, but right now it has 32 snowflakes.

Ancolie likes the spidery effect of mignonette so she was experimenting with a design, but even with a gauge to do exactly the same size for each one, it's still hard to get it each one the same.

Bev has finally finished the table runner for her daughter. It's done in size 20 Cebella thread and the ecru thread is vintage J&P Coates size 20 and it is 29" wide and 52" long. Each of the motifs (1200 unless I counted wrong) is the size of a US quarter and is from a DMC pattern, but the rectangles were Bev's invention inspired by an abstract painting by Klee which uses her daughter's favorite colors. Her daughter plans to mount it as a hanging on the opposite side of the arched door to the kitchen with the Klee on the other side.

Fox is thrilled with her very own design and she tatted it again in Karey's HDT with lots of tiny green beads and it's even better in colour. She's working on an Elisadusud heart but she wasn't paying close attention to the colours and she's not thrilled with the way it's turning out.

Martha was the winner of Miranda's giveaway and as part of her prize she received 3 HDT threads with a snowflake worked in each colour so that she can see how they look tatted up. Karey Solomon shared a pattern called Grandmother's Garden and a number of people, like Martha, have taken up the challenge to use up their thread ends making these quick little motifs.

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