Saturday, November 06, 2010

Doilies, Butterfly, Flower, Motifs, Heart and Snowflake

Kkommy found a mistake at the beginning of round 9. She was about to start round 11 when she noticed it and after surgery on the doily she's ready to start round 9. Again. Ouch.

Kat has been working on letters and now we can see them with a border around the edge and mounted in a frame as a lovely gift for a couple getting married.

Lily is working on Linda's Bird of Paradise from the book Exotic Range of Tatted Flowers, but she only has 2 of the 6 orange petals done. The other pattern in progress is the Floss Flower and while the pattern looks simple, it's a bit time-consuming.

Katherinne has Jon's Hearts in a snowflake on the blocking board and she plans to added it to a covered ring to hang it on a tree.

Wanda and Kathy got a chance to meet and of course there was tatting involved. Kathy was wearing this butterfly pin mounted in a yellow tatted butterfly and she gave Wanda a paperweight with a patriotic motif in it, specifically, Sue Hanson's 5 point Celtic motif.

Fox has finished her first very own wonderful design. The first of many I'm sure. She has also successfully tatted Elisadusud's cluny heart in Karey Solomon's HDT and it looks lovely.

Marty has been working with clunies creating a lovely objet d'art.

Vanessa tatted a network square similar to Mary Konior's design, but she got a little distracted, so hers is a little larger.

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