Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fairy Tale Frog, Motifs, Hearts and Butterflies

Linda tatted the Carnival Tatted Earrings from Marlee Rockley, using teardrop beads from Fire Mountain. The Beaded Oval Tatted Earrings from Julie Patterson were tatted with size 40 Lizbeth thread and it had too many rings for the size of thread to pull through the SCMR so she altered it a little.
Carol wanted to show us a "tea" related ornament for Tatting Tea Tuesday, but I can't get past the spectacular tatted balls that are in the picture. The "Prince" in the next picture is a frog, or is it the other way round. Carol created a storyboard picture frame with a fairy tatted in Flora size 20 thread made from Jane Eborall's Flat Fairy pattern waving her magical wand to turn the frog into a prince. The frog is a Pam Palmer design from Tatting Treats Two tatted in size 80 variegated thread. The mushroom is Heather's design and the crown is by Ellen. Utterly imaginative.
Diane tatted the centre motif from Primrose Path, a design from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior, in Lizbeth size 20, color #117. There was a slight mistake which would have bothered her, but she found a second mistake and decided to cut the offending part out and re-do it.
Heather is hoping to have a new book out called Afternoon Tatting. The March heart is still being worked on but here is the centre of it.
M used her new stash of size 40 Lizbeth thread to tat Susan K. Fuller's Heart's Desire pattern, but a little glitch at the end turned it into a broken heart instead. The edging is one of those traditional patterns that just looks delightful working in a variegated and green thread. The green gives the impression of stems and the variegated thread makes for an ever changing bouquet. Sherry's free form tatting experiment is progressing, with no idea where the experiment may lead. She taught the "Hope" butterfly in the online class. This sample was done in size 20 black and Confetti Sprinkles.
Wally has been mulling over this design for a while. The earrings are small, 1 cm, plastic rings covered in tatting. The big beads are made of wood and the small ones are a mix of seed beads. The pendant is the same but the size of the plastic ring 3 cm.

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