Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bracelet, Butterflies, and Doilies

Agasunset has had great success with one of her bracelet designs.

Cindy tatted Sherry's Hope butterfly, in size 20 metallic thread and white.

Vinnie has created a lovely and unusual "Spring Doily" for which she shares the pattern.
Aileen has tatted "Curly Q", one oh Sherry's butterflies in size 20 Milford thread to give it a variegated rainbow body and solid pink wings. She also tatted "Jade" from the same book in size 50 Omega. Check out Aileen's blog for her second speedy giveaway.
Wally shares with us a photo she took for the demo at the Puerto Rican Culture Institute, She's not sure where the pattern for the doily is from, the tatted bonnet on the large baby is the Sun Hat Pincushion from one of my newsletters.

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