Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doilies, Hearts, Earrings and Shamrocks

Sue is working on the TAT THREE mat by Rosemarie Peel and she's already at the 2nd round.

NancyD tatted a drawstring bag from Tatting: contemporary art of knotting with a shuttle by Rhoda L. Auld using DMC size 10 thread.
Steph is giving us a sneak peek of her special project. She's not saying what it is but hopes to have something interesting to show for Tatting Tea Tuesday.
Vinnie asked for volunteers to test out her Spring Doily and Spring heart and several people have complied. Gina tatted the heart in Tatskool's Choco-raspberry size 40 thread. Liyarra
tatted the doily in Lizbeth's Vineyard Harvest size 40 and Vinnie did the Spring Doily over again in Pink&Purple Anchor size-20 with frontside -backside tatting and some detailed instructions for those who were having trouble with it.
Alan is offering special giveaway. It's a pair of earrings tatted in silver wire with a copper core with a swarovski crystal teardrop. The giveaway runs until April 4th.
Fox was one of those who attempted Vinnie's doily, but she seems to have gotten hung up somewhere. She did manage to tat a motif from Patti Duff's Mini Tats in Lizbeth #40 and the Square is Georgia Seitz's from Tatting on the Edge and Beyond.

Jeff tatted the shamrock that Betsy Evans shared on Here-Be-Tatters in Flora size 20 in colour #230.
Martha has decided to tease us with tantalizing tid bits of tatting. It's celtic, it's buttons, it's an alligator?

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