Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edging, Motif and frustration

Sue took a break from the doily to work on a Square Medallion from Tatting with Anne Orr and it looks OK in spite of a slight error in judgement where she cut her thread too soon and had to add more in. We've all been there done that. It's like accidentally cutting the top off a picot when you snip your final thread, we've all done that at least once. (If you haven't, it's something you have to look forward to.)
M is working from Tatting Patterns and Designs and is getting frustrated with it. Short notation patterns tell you to join, but not where, so you have to keep looking at the picture and sometimes this picture isn't detailed enough to clarify things. It doesn't help that some of the patterns have been reported to have errors in them, but quite a few people really love the book.

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