Thursday, October 01, 2009

Stawberries, Brains, Leaves and Pumpkins

Viv is starting to gather ideas for her Halloween costume and has plans to tat an edging for her corset. She tried out the Mary Konoir Merry Widow pattern in Desert Bloom and Harvest Orange and the other one is Turquoise Twist and Caribbean. She kind of likes the blue and between the 2 choices I think I agree.

IsDihara broke out the Olive Green size 80 to tat a Celtic top for a strawberry. For the first sample she used DMC size 80 tatting cotton in mint green and Handy Hands size 80 Majestic in Christmas Green (color #829) for the leaves.The basic berry is tatted in Coats & Clarks "boilfast" size 70 tatting cotton. Brigitte tatted Martha Ess' pattern for a brain as a parting gift for the Neurosurgery Resident who was with there department for several months. She used size 20 Lizbeth in pink, the grey was Flora and the green was Manuela.

Laurette tatted this oak leaf and acorn from Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf by Karey Solomon. Seed beads were added to give the illusion of dew drops on the leaf and she made an extra long stem and attached an acorn for a bookmark.

Shirl used size 80 thread for this bookmark. The Spinning Wheel pattern can be found in “Tatting with visual Patterns” by Mary Konior tatted here in DMC 60 in white.

Linda found that Pumpkins by Sherry Matthew works up quick with Lizbeth #20 Bright Orange. The "Scary Ghost" is a pattern by Mark Myers. The thread is Lizbeth #20 white, of course!

Krystle was tatting Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel pattern in size 80 thread when she noticed a fatal error. Retro tatting nearly invisible stitches or cutting thread. It's a tough decision.

Charlotte tatted Mary Konior's "Flower Patch" from Tatting with Visual Patterns, done with Lisbeth thread.

Angie took a break from tatting baby booties to take the InTatters October Challenge to tat something with some thread you had lurking around in your stash that maybe you didn't care for the first time, or you didn't like after you brought it home. She had some Coton Perle 8
that she didn't like and used it for this project. She still doesn't like the thread, but at least now there is less of it in her stash.

Ancolie has been experimenting with embroidered net and a tatted net in white and blue worked from a Mary Konior pattern. She thinks a finer thread would give better results. The tatted edging is called 'Delphinus' by Pascale Provot. The last outside row is decorated with Josephine knots using 11 half knots formed of the the first half stitch only.

Shirley received the Lizbeth Christmas thread (color 116 in size 20)and couldn't wait to use it. The all-white centers and outside edging are DMC blanc #20. The pearl beads are 4mm and the pattern is from a Japanese pattern book. The maple leaf motif was done by Tammy M. Rodgers from a pattern from the February 1975 issue of Workbasket and worked in Heather's Hand Dyed Thread color Golden Cranberry Avocado in size 20. The Christmas ornament is from Lene Bjorn's "24 Snowflakes in Tatting". The pattern is The Fifth Day of December done in white (DMC Cebelia, size 20) for the rings, with green metallic embroidery thread to make it sparkle. The heart pattern is from a book given to her by a friend it is from Annie's Attic "Heirloom Treasures in Tatting". The pattern in called Valentine and is designed by Florence Anthony. The only difficult part was in attaching the three center motifs. The beads are pearl 2+mm. The thread is Flora, color 62.

Ellen was panicking about coming up with a paper clip pattern for this month, but luckily, inspiration came in the form of a sun. The designs are her first attempt at working Catherine Wheel joins. To make it more adorable, a pair of eyes and a pair of glasses were added to it.

Barbara tatted the Canadian Sugar Maple Leaf Designed by Gale Marshall in 2002. She used HDT from Yarnplayer in size 20 called Knitty Gritty which was perfect fall leaf colouring.

Aileen tatted Yarnplayer's Dream practicing on some 40 Olympus with some 11/0 beads and size 13 crystal drops. Then she did one in red and black in Lizbeth Red Burst from Handyhands, along with some 11/0 beads and size 11 black crystal drops and popped it on a bookmark hook so that her hubby can use it and carry it around. She will probably make more of them for key rings, bookmarks and earrings for Christmas.
Carol made a couple of crosses for a friend, the one on the left may be from the Rebecca Jones book and the other from a Ring of Tatters book. Both are very easy crosses to make.
She tatted this cute little pig a few months ago and forgot to post a picture of it. It's a Pam Palmer design, from one of the Tatting Treats books.

Diane totally messed up her motif from the Japanese Book on the last join and need to retro tat, but that's a job for good lighting and a clear head.

Heather enjoys doing celtic tatting and her daughter loves wearing it. Heather was asked by a new tatter for some leaf patterns and for Tatting Tea Tuesday she designed some new leaves. You can find the pattern on her blog.

Joy tatted a purple butterfly in Omega size 30 colour #850 for Elizabeth's quilt. A number of people have asked where the pattern comes from and it's one of the designs handed down from her father who had a sample from his mother that was used to make the yellow butterfly sewn onto this pillowcase. Joy worked out the pattern from the yellow flutter and added her own notes. It's a really pretty design that looks wonderful in variegated thread.

Kelly enjoyed her time in Cambridge at the Fringe Element Tatters event. She got to meet new people and get re-acquainted with old friends from last year as well as acquiring some new books and threads. Karey Solomon signed her books and Kelly has even managed to tat a bookmark from one of them in Lizbeth thread.

Maria created an assortment of tiny tatted motif to decorate a crazy quilt block. Look how dainty and frothy with frilly lace it looks.
Martha shows us her fair entries and although she walked away with a fistful of firsts, she felt she didn't have much competition. The ornament is one of Terry McGuffin's designs. The handkerchief was made using a vintage pattern and was tatted in size 100 thread. The pattern from "Old Time Crochet" magazine was used for the design in tatting, crochet, and vintage turtle braid. And finally there was Martha's own large motif/small doily butterfly combining tatting and hairpin lace. All of her pieces are stunning and would have won even if there had been stiff competition.

Sherry shows us the first item from her Monday Mondo Giveaway, a gorgeous leaf tatted in size 80 thread. The hummingbird is one of Heather's designs from her newest book "Tatted Earrings and Things" tatted in Confetti Sprinkles HDT.

TattingChic wanted a scrapbooked address book and she engaged in and exchange with Jessica, supplying her with some tatted edging, flowers and hearts in return for the book. She did an cloverleaf edging using a pattern from the the Antique Pattern Library in the Priscilla Tatting Book, then she found a pattern for one of Mary Maynard's flowers from "Tatting: Rings of Flowers" shown on the left and she did a variation on it to create the design on the right. (Does anyone know the name of Mary's flower?) She also did The "Josephine Wreath" (Motif No. 9) from Mary Konior's book called A Pattern Book of Tatting. In addition to this grouping of flowers she also tatted Peacock Heart designed by Birgit Phelps and "Ruffled Heart" design by Vicki Clarke. All of these were made with Cebelia size 10, color 818 a pretty shade of pink.

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