Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkins, Flowers, Ornaments, Butterflies and Bell

Viv has learned to tat with beads and she's thrilled to bits. We all feel that way every time we master a new trick. IsDihara has been busy tatting doodles and pumpkins and working on adding a second round to Birgit Phelps' Sweetheart motif. She has also been working on finishing the two giveaway prizes from last week. Sh has tatted the "Tatted Pumpkin" by Sherry Matthews in vintage STAR tatting cotton, size 70 with a green stem modified from Mary Maynard's Pumpkin Pattern. As an "unrepentant thread junkie" she also has a lot of new thread, shuttles and books to show.
Pam shows us that last picture she has photographed. It's a lovely little angel that looks like it wants some blocking. Krystle tatted Ruth Perry's Celtic pumpkin, but the leaf isn't quite right. In honour of her hundredth post she is giving away a pair of of earrings. The design is called "Spanish Dancer" and they are tatted with Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk. Check her blog for details. The lovely tatted ball utilizes Sherry's Chatelaine pattern, size 20 thread, 6 repeats connected around fits perfectly on a 3" styro ball. The blue earrings are a prototype that will be going into her Etsy shop.

Steph has tatted a couple pieces from Jon Yusoff's Tatting With Plastic Rings. So far, she's done Melati ( top) and Kincir (bottom). She also scored on an ebay auction and won Pam Palmer's The Twelve Days of Christmas. Wanda tatted the heart in "The Gentle Art of Tatting Pattern Book 1" by Patricia A. Rizzo in Lizbeth thread in size 20, "Falling Leaves" to practice doing Larks Head Picot Joins.

Jeanne received Heather's Tatted earrings and Things in the mail along with some of Heather's HDT Ruth's Irish colorway, size 30. She also received some of Zarina's Orchid Garden HDT and she immediately sat down and created these Orchid earrings.

Barbara's brother passed away and she hasn't felt like tatting. We all understand and I'm sure everyone will be remembering her in their prayers.

Mrs John has a new tatting companion who seem enthralled with her tatting. She is also encouraging tatters and other folks to share their art. Aileen participated in the postcard exchange and in addition to the postcards she included some butterfly paperclips using Ellen's pattern. Heather has been an extremely busy tatter designing lots of new pieces. Then she tatted up lots more jewelry orders using her own 3 cord HDT. She's also working on a project to raise money for her friend who is having a double mastectomy on Nov 11 2009, check her blog for details.
Jeff tatted another of Jon's Magic Moments snowflakes. This one is in size 40 and you can see it side by side with the earlier snowflake he did in size 20. Both are done in Lizbeth Christmas Delights colour 116. Kathy was inspired by an edging she did earlier to design this wonderful 3D bell which she has embellished in true Victorian style with flowers and ribbons.
Maria created a lovely set of pendant earrings and key fob as a Christmas gift. Wouldn't you love to be on Maria's Christmas list?
Martha was challenged to try reproducing a flower she saw at Palmetto. The first flower is from Erin's herringbone hookup class. Riet's Palmetto Night Owl class pattern was designed for an earring, but Martha used a larger thread to make it a Christmas ornament instead. The pink flower is what Martha's reproduction of the flower she saw. Check out her blog for step by step instructions to make your own.

Moni has decided to do her postings in both English and Hungarian after she discovered a Hungarian group had been following her tatting posts. In her first bilingual posting she shows us how she converted some enamel earrings into a pendant with tatting. Then she tatted around a ring to make a little sun and hung it beside her son's bed.Sherry has created a series of wonderful hook pens for use in tatting. She has mounted a fine hook in a retractable pen which is flat so the hook serves dual purpose of holding your place in your pattern book and holding that pesky hook so that it neither stabs you unexpectedly, nor gets lost down the side of your chair.

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