Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snowflakes, Hearts and Brooches

Vinnie was cleaning and found some old letters and some older tattings and came up with this beautiful item. Here is what she said "I wondered what to do with them, then got an idea!
Took out the red velvet, my sewing machine...and my phone and got a new addition to it's ever expanding wardrobe!"
Aileen for her motif #18 she has got herself some pink 40 to make Sunburst, her favourite of Jon's snowflakes from her Collection of Snowflakes.
And for her #19 she has tatted this maple leaf she says "I could have sworn I got the link for the pattern on the TattingGoddess' blog but I can't seem to find the post =(. But I recall that TattingChic also did this one last year during fall right here! The pattern for this leaf can be found here!"

Tatting Chic is tatting like an Egyptian. She has got some Egyptian threads from Wally and shows us how you tat like an Egyptian (thanks I have Walk Like an Egyptian running through my head HA HA) She has tatted this heart from Wallys book "From my Heart"

Wally has tatted some pretties for on a tshirt for her mom. Her mom has sewn 3 buttons on her tshirt and Wally has made the 4th into a brooch.

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