Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hearts, Doily, Earrings, Maple Leaf, and Ornaments

IsDihara tatted the SweetHeart pattern by Birgit Phelps in Tatskool's lovely Rainbow Bright HDT in size 20 and did it again in a solid pink thread from an estate sale. Krystle started this lovely doily before the baby was born and it stayed as a UFO because it needed just a little more HDT than she had on the shuttle. The thread is Yarnplayer's Roses and the last round is Scarlet that she dyed to match this colorway. HDT at it's best.

Kelly tatted these earrings in some metallic thread and she liked how they turned out so she learned how to do a beaded center split ring in needle tatting so that she could make a matching bracelet. The set is made in Altin Basak size 30. Bonnie has been away from tatting for a while, then she jumped back on the bandwagon with some of Ellen's tatted paperclips, but they were so fast and easy to do that she has given them away without blogging first. This tatted leaf done in variegated DMC size 30 was the first piece to stay long enough to get it's picture taken. Diane's tatting corner with some tatting essentials, thread, shuttles, computer, good light, comfortable chair. Wally made a couple of sequined ornaments from a pattern I created a few months ago. I remember when she did them her finished pieces were not quite the same size as mine probably because the sequins were a different size and she had to modify the design a little to fit the bangles. The ornaments have given her an idea for a new design.

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