Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Motifs, doileys, bookmarks, earrings and more

Angie's working on front-back side tatting and has done up a little motif from the Emanuel Bocher 1912 Tatting Book.

Vinnie's all squarey eyed with her own square motif. Lovely ain't it.

Wanda has a lovely model for her tatted booties. Well done.

Kathy's done a celtic motif in DMC perle which was part of a bookmark by Lenore English found here and made it into a lovely pin. She's also done Lenore’s bookmark was inspired by LaRae Mikulecky’s famous Celtic bookmark from 1997 (below), which also was based on Rosemarie Peel’s Celtic motif the pattern for which is here Last she's also done a cactus motif by Iris Niebach for a lovely cushy!

Jeanne's done a lovely round medallion from an old leaflet.

Tattingchic has some new lovely books. Good one! And she's tatted a Black magic Bookmark by mary Konior with a matching motif in DMC 80. Lovely.

Bonnies tatted Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel in LadyShuttleMaker HDT. She apparently made a mistake (cause she was watching hockey) but I can't find it!.

Shay's done some edgings from an old magazine. Classic.

Christine's done one of Laura's Pizazz Snowflakes (pattern here) in Night Wind HDT by yarnplayer.

Charlotte's done a Cobweb Doily" from Rita Weiss' Tatted Doilies and Edgings. It's tatted in Ancora Prestige size 16 thread and measures about 5 inches (13 cm)

LauraRose's working on a new project.

BJ has a new Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttle. Lovely lovely lovely.

Eva's done a small yellow motif in 20 thread that's from her Danish Tatting Guild. It's going on her Easter tree.

Jeff models his completed crochet hoodie and shows us his contribution to the tatting design challenge.

Moni's provided us with a scan and the pattern of a Crystal Doiley. Check it out.

Sherry's now making solid HDT!!! Plus she shows us her favourite chocolate korean pudding.

Wally shows us the loot of her shopping trip with her husband and her new earrings.

I've tatted some of Jon's Sunburst snowflakes to adorn by new bedroom slippers.

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