Sunday, March 01, 2009

25 Motif Challenge, Challenge

We presently have just over 60 participants in the 25 motif challenge and they are providing us a lot of enjoyment with there eye candy and humorous blogs. If you have been thinking about joining the challenge please do so. If you are a tatter with 4 weeks or 40 years of experience we love to see what you are tatting. Lets see if we can get over 100 participants. Now how is that for a challenge?

Maggie starts off her 25 motif challenge with a beautiful butterfly paperclip.

Shirl has made some lace with some old tatting thread that was left on her shuttles and for her second motif she made a button using the center of a doily, The pattern coming from A New Twist On Tatting by Catherine Austine.

Linda is teaching 6 senior ladies to tat. Three of them have completed Marilee's star bookmark and for homework they are working on a chain edging. It is great to see fellow tatters sharing the gift of tatting.

Christine has been busy and has finished motifs 7 and 8. Motif 7 is an edging with the pattern coming from This "n" tat and motif 8 is
motif 8 is
Jon’s wonderful Quantiesque Snowflake.

Vinnie has designed a paisley which is a traditional Indian motif used in many designs like cloth, henna etc. This is motif 17 for motif 18 she made a double chain designed by Teri.

Carolyn has added 3 motifs to her challenge and the patterns all come from Rozella F. Linden's book Easy tatting. They are the small heart, large heart and 8 inch doily.

Kathy has made Ann Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns edging #12 into a star for her 15th motif.

Barbara is learning new tatting techniques as she completes motifs 16 and 17.

Iris is doing a Tat It And See from her blog for all interested tatters to take part in. If you have not done one before I would highly recommend it. They are a lot of fun.

Moni's 14th motif is part of a doily with the design coming from a older needle work magazine.

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