Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grab a Coffee, It's A Long One

Krystle has had a busy week and has made edging for two bonnets, one of which she includes the pattern for and she has been playing with plastic rings and has made a wonderful pair of earrings.

Charlotte has made a bookmark using a pattern from Jane Eborall website and thread she received from a thread exchange.

Vicki has made a little butterfly for a trading card as motif #5 in the challenge.

Jill is adding 3 more motifs to her challenge. She has made a cross, bookmark (love the colours) and an Easter egg cover.

Patricia has completed motifs 14 and 15 a shamrock and a heart for her challenge.

Angie has tatted an Easter Egg in Lisbeth thread and is counting it towards her 25 motif challenge.

Steph is still going egg crazy, but they are wonderful eggs and she has also added a cross to her collection.

Vinnie tatted Iris's second TIAS motif then added 4 more to make it into an interesting motif. This is #22 for her.

Ancolie used a Teri Dusenbury pattern to tat this split ring chain bookmark.

Wanda has tatted Nita's motif for her 13th motif. Nice choice of colours.

Claudia has finished her 25 motif challenge with shamrocks, some on paper clips and some made into a bookmark. She has also posted her first motif to start the challenge again and it is her motif for the tat and design group.

Heather has designed a neat dragonfly and tatted it in her Coral HDT. She also has been very kind and shared the pattern with us.

Tattingchic has some exciting news posted on her blog. Quick have a peek.

Nita has used clunies in her 10th motif for the challenge.

Aileen has been busy with angels and butterflies. She has tatted Wally's sequin butterflies and angels designed by Martha Ess.

Diane has fallen in love with a new tatting book and I would say a type of thread. She has tatted the first two snowflakes in Tatting by Myra Piper using Lizbeth thread.

Eva received an angel from Dyan.The pattern is "Leens Tatted Angel" by Eileen Stafford.

Joy has adorned to hankies. On one she made a lace border and the second one she made into an adorable bonnet.

Jeff was surprised by the positive feedback he received on his design-tat homework so he has posted the pattern on his blog.

Wally has had such a busy and exciting past week. She made a special scarf for her wedding and got married. She has posted homework from the design-tat group. There is a cute bunny to make us think of spring.Wally timed herself tatting a motif to see if it was faster to use a shuttle or a needle and as another reminder of spring she tatted a cute lamb. WOW.

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Needledreams said...

Wow! This sure was a long post! Got me time to drink my coffee. So many beautiful tatting!