Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Sampler

My name is Clyde and I will be doing the Sunday summary of the 25 Motif Challenge. As I am new at this I apologize ahead of time for any posts that I may miss and all grammatical errors are my own.

Heather was doodling and created a celtic motif that she thinks would look good in silver or gold as Christmas ornaments. She used a thread with an opalescent shimmery strand running through it for this white snowflake and this red and gold will look good on the red and gold tree this year. The blue and silver snowflake will go on her white tree, while the navy blue thread size 10 and iridescent flower sequins is her husband's favourite.
The gold snowflake with the red sequin tips is another one for the red and gold tree. Her 21st motif is a design that uses a large bead like the kind used on a ceiling fan in a pretty lavender colour. The pink and white motif is an adaptation of a crochet pattern. Motif
#23 of 25 is a fan. She has actually tatted 2 of them. One in green and black and the other in red and white. She used size 10 thread and a size 5 needle.

Tara is awaiting the hurricane and is hoping that the power does not go out for 7 days like it did last time. We all hope the hurricane misses you Tara.

Tattingchic spent a day with her lace guild and one of the members won Best of Division with her lace fairy.
She also shows a couple of samples of bobbin lace.

Lastly Tattingchic received the I Love Your Blog Award.

I would highly recommend that everyone have a look at Wendy's blog. It is not tatting pictures but it is beautiful flower arrangements.

Terry is sharing her long term project which is an alter cloth that she has been working on for two years and she thinks it will take two more to finish.
Diane has tatted design #7 by Christel Weidmann.
Gina has posted September's mystery tatting.
Laura received the I Love Your Blog Award and she shows a picture of a special floss winder.
Mark has tatted some braiding and continues with his travel stories
Pamela has tatted Eleanora by Iris Neibach
Go to Ruth's blog if you want to hear the tatted lace song.
Sherry has received the I Love Your Blog Award, she has Halloween HDT and a new hint for the upcomingT.I.A.S.
Snowy is looking for help with HDT.


Tattycat said...

You did a good job Clyde! Better than mine and Sharon didn't have to correct yours! Thanks for helping to keep the challenge going.

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree with TattyCat! You did do a good job, Clyde. That altar cloth that Terry is working on is amazing!

Unknown said...

Thank you Laura and Tattingchic it was one heck of a job but now I know how to do the blog for next Sunday.

Suzie said...

I used to make bobbin lace. I ahvet seen that in years