Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Update

Jeanne posts her motifs 16 & 17. Motif 16 is from Patti Duff's Mini Tat book and is called Motif 41. It is done in Manuela size 20 thread. Motif 17 is a rosary Jeanne made for a friend. It is done Manuela size 20 thread in colour # 204. She also shows her progress on the latest TIAS.

Aileen tatted one of Anne's Norwegian Dragons using some DMC variegated thread. Beetroot is an appropriate name for the dragon.

Heather wastes no time starting the 25 motif challenge a second time. She starts off with a little snowflake done in one strand each of a green variegated and white sewing thread. Her second motif is a really pretty necklace that is using an amber coloured plastic ornament thingamajig (my terminology, not hers). She used white size 10 thread for the necklace. As usual, patterns are available for both motifs.

Maria's 3rd motif is a pendant. I like it too Maria.

Carol posts a picture of Scooby-Doo that she made some time ago. Isn't he cute?

Clyde's latest post is about remembering to appreciate. Well said Clyde, as always.

Gina reveals pictures and modern patterns for the September Mystery Tatting. She also posts some rick-rack and tatting coasters and bookmark. As well a a triangular bag decorated with angels.

Laura shows us her progress of day 3 of Sherry's TIAS. Lookin' good..... whatever it is!

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