Friday, September 05, 2008

Addendum to Sept 4 post

I accidentally left Pamela out of last night's post. Sorry! She has some great tips on writing patterns and diagrams with her thoughts on making them more easy to follow. Here are some pictures of a snowflake designed by Iris Niebach and tatted by Pamela. Also a diagram by Pamela to help with the tatting progression.

This is Pamela's first attempt at tatting from the inside out to the tip and back to the inside.

Attempt #2

First Christmas colors snowflake

Same snowflake with beads on a black background. Very dramatic!

This red and white with beads is her all time favorite. It reminds her of a ferris wheel at carnival.

Also shown on black

Here is Pamela's diagram, with Iris' permission. It really does help!

Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful work, and helpful tips, with us.

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