Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy As Bees

Heather has been very creative and busy and adds #7 and #8 to her 25 Motif challenge. #7 is a beautiful white with pink tear drop necklace and #8 is a cute blue flower necklace. She has been very generous and posted the directions for both necklaces for those who would like to add one to there collection.

Alan has been very busy getting ready for the fair submitting 16 entries this year. Good luck Alan. He has also completed motif #12, 2 pair of horse head earrings for his sister and Motif#13 flower earrings for a friend at church.

Jeanne has been able to catch up to step #8 of the TIAS but she has changed the pattern a little and used a Catherine Wheel Join instead of a Lock Join so that the opposite colour would not show up on the chain. It is always interesting to see how people interpret a pattern.

Tattingchic is trying to get caught up in the TIAS this weekend. She is using some really nice colours.

Nita is also participating in the TIAS. Look at the wonderful colours she has chosen.

Ellen has posted the directions for her motif #14 the tatted bookmark. Thank you Ellen.

Claudia is a member of Wally Sosa's Spanish Tatting class and has had a class in multi picots which she shows with these flowers and in split chains which she shows in this butterfly that she designed.

Maria is a new tatter and she is taking part in the challenge. Motif #4 is a cute little butterfly pin and Motif #5 is a beautiful flower that she used to decorate a box that contains a tatting shuttle that is a gift for a friend of hers that wants to learn how to tat.

Anne has made a pair of wrist warmers and provides a link to the pattern she used for those that are interested.

Diane has made 2 spinning wheel doilies by Mary Konior.
Gina received a piece of Romanian Point lace and #7 Richardson's Tatting from a friend.
Joyce made a beautiful table runner that is stars on one side and fall themed on the other.
Morning Glory and Pink Posey are two new hand dyed thread colours being offered by Marilee.
has posted her pattern for her Lock Chain Ornament. Thank you Marty.
Norma shares a CQ block she received, a pair of socks she knit and her attempt at bobbin lace.
Pamela introduces her amazing Rainbow Bright Hand Dyed Thread.
Not only is Sherry keeping everyone busy with her TIAS she is going to be teaching tatting.

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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do this every time I post, but here is my second motif in the challenge...