Friday, May 25, 2007

Tatting and Etsy shops go together

Have you noticed how many of our participants have Etsy shops? It's a great way to get exposure for hand crafted items, since the buyers are looking for hand made goods and not mass produced merchandise.

Gail has been knitting and using mismatched dye lots to their best advantage. If she hadn't said anything I would have thought it was planned.

Clyde has more pictures of plant mosaics in his photo album.

Elizabeth has just finished a busy tax season and now that it's over she's had time to open an Etsy shop. See all the lovely items she has for sale.
Sharon has been tatting flowers, Gerbera daisies, sort of. If they were done in yellow they could be sunflowers. PDF Select, the name of the PDF indexing software is done and just needs a little tweaking of the help files. Sharon will let us know more about it as soon as it's ready.
Ooooo Have you seen what Marilee has been doing? Scrumptious hand dyed colours and she's added them to her Etsy shop.
Melissa tatted a fabulous crinoline lady for a friend to use on a crazy quilt. It's gorgeous now and will be spectacular with embellishments. Melissa has also done a short movie showing how she makes a split ring. A wonderful way to show others how to tat. Melissa has an Etsy shop where she sells CQ fabrics and trims.

Sherry has been having an interesting time in her shop. In the midst of shaking up some glaze for a pot, it exploded - the glaze not the pot. There are some more mugs with tatting designs on them added to her Etsy shop and in her "spare" time Sherry created this cluny bookmark to be used in the online class.


wendy harbaugh said...

there is a small group on flickr I thought since you where talking about promoting tatting maybe some would like to promote this group and make it bigger. I am not the admin of the group just a member and would love to see more stuff happen there.

wendy harbaugh said...

what are the rules and how does one join this challenge