Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tiara, Heart and Bookmark

This is another post where several people have completed or nearly completed their 25 motives. Congratulations to everyone who has met their personal challenge.
Gail finished her knitting and laid it out on the floor to see how it looked. It seems the cats approve.

Clyde tatted the Astrid edging to be used by his daughter as a tiara for her prom. She'll look lovely in it. This finishes Clyde's 2nd set of 25 motives.
Mark finished tatting all of his hearts and framed them as gifts for Mother's day. He was asked to make a tatted heart in purple. This new design is done in pearl tatting and as Mark puts it, it's a positively purple pearl tatted heart done in Oliver Twist thread. He thinks this makes it 25.
Riet shows us pictures of Nora's birth announcement. Can you tell Riet is practicing to be a doting Grandma?

EeKoon has been stitching until it hurts-literally. The results were worth it as she has finished both a Mother's day gift and an exchange project. They are lovely pieces of work.

Azie completed the work for a scissors fob exchange.

Laura has posted pictures of her grandson taken on Mother's Day.

LaRae has posted a card catalog entry - think on these things.

Melissa has finished her spring challenge block and she plans on framing it. The block is covered with many reminders of her home in Georgia.

Patti has been tatting but doesn't have any pictures to show us yet. She does have a picture that was taken of her standing beside a Viking, complete with ship.

Sherry tatted the Marchanne Bookmark by Judi Banashek in size 80 thread in a lovely minty green, or at least that's how it appears on my screen. Her latest endeavor is a bunch of tatted grapes. How cool.

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