Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celtic Doily and Grape Edging

I spent yesterday having an assessment done and I'm still hurting from it. It didn't seem all that bad at the time, but my leg has been bothering me ever since. OUCH! There haven't been a lot of posts since the last update so I figure I can just manage this and then I'm back to bed.

By the way, have you checked out the Tatting Treasures from Trash Blog? There are quite a few people signed up for it and lots of ideas percolating although so far most of the pictures are pairs of less than elegant jeans about to be put out of thei misery. Anyone can join in the fun and making a bag out of an old pair of jeans is quick and easy. Gina has even posted a movie showing you how it's done in only 3 minutes! If you'd like to join, send me your e-mail address so that you can start posting.

Mark has posted pictures of the AQS Paducah Quilt show. Lots of eye candy. There's a glitch in Yahoo but clicking on the empty blocks will take you to the pictures.

Azie has posted pictures of some cross stitched pendibules done for an exchange. I had to look up "pendibule" as I had no idea what it was. It's a triangular stuffed ornament made by decorating a square of fabric, folding it in half diagonally and stuffing it, then joining the points of the long side together and attaching a ribbon to hang it.

Martha has tatted this lovely Sugar and Spice Doily by Tina Neudorf from her book "Needle Tatting from the Heart" using size 30 Omega thread.
Sherry shows us a picture of her tatted grape edging with all 5 shuttles still attached. There are designs that use more shuttles, but 5 is still quite enough. Sherry has been given one of her great grandmother's shuttles. This one is an Aero bobbin shuttle which she doesn't really like, but she'll use it because it was her great grandmother's.

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