Monday, May 07, 2007

Doilies and Necklaces, Ice Cream and Fleas, Kokopelli and Cuties.

Such an amazing lot of tatting and more of our participants are finishing their challenge. The link for the new Tatting Treasures from Trash challenge is listed in the sidebar. Anyone interested in joining please send your email to me here so that I can add you to the list of contributors.

Arlene has added 2 more doilies to her blog and she thinks that makes 25. She needs to count them out and put them all on Flicker. While she's been busy tatting her hubby crafted Super Mario out of florist's foam for the prom.You have to see this for yourself.
EeKoon finished off one of her stitching projects and picked up her tatting again. She did a little motif in size 10 thread and she's decided she doesn't like thick thread because it springs the points of the shuttle. She started the Beatrice doily from Iris Niebach's book and had to quit because she ran out of the variegated Anchor thread. So she started the Cornelia doily from the same book in Cebelia. She likes working with Cebelia because it's smooth and not stiff.

Marilee tried working with 2 strands of size 30 thread wound on the shuttle, one variegated and the other solid. Interesting effect and not as thick as the size 10 thread.

Martha was looking for a quick little motif to try out a new thread, DMC Quick Finish Senso Harlequin, so she used Debbie Flork's Kokopelli. The motif was a success, but the colour of the thread clashed with the garment. Pamela's place has been infested with fleas and she's looking to find something that will eat them. Pattern compliments of Jane Eborall.
Eliz has took the Valeire Square and made it into a yummy looking ice cream cone. The design offers a variety of challenges to the on-line tatting class. She wasn't able to join the class today as a flat tire delayed her arrival home. The time was put to good use working out another design idea and she'll post pictures of it later.
Melissa has been practicing shuttle tatting and she did these rosettes in size 10 Flora thread and turned them into necklaces for the girls. Simple and pretty. Melissa also posts the round robin blocks that she has back. Sherry's pamphlet has been a success and all of the Moms that received their tatted earrings really loved them. Now if she can just teach this little guy to tat...

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