Friday, September 01, 2006

International Tatting

Ruth has posted a purple bracelet - it's for sale. Contact Ruth if you are interested. Jan has posted her 4th motif, one of the Mini Tats that Jan did several times until she was happy with the results. Mark has added another stunning motif to his collection and then used graphics software to see what it would look like as a tablecloth. Nivedita joined the Challenge from India and has completed her first motif, a design from the Blomqvist and Persson book. Barbara has her variegated lilac motif placed on the lavender pashmina shawl. Her mother is going to love it. Maria is in Potugal and had to change her blog address, but now she has 3 motives on the go. Her designs are from a Burda magazine that she is thrilled is in Portugese. Maria is concerned that we won't understand her English, but she has nothing to worry about. Tatting with an International flavour and everything is all so delightful.

Guidelines for the 25 Motif Challenge again. Tat 25 motives within the next year. A motive can be a medallion, snowflake, heart, bookmark, butterfly, earrings or any small piece of tatting. These articles may be tatted from published patterns and it's always nice to know where the pattern came from, or they may be designs that you have created. If you have designed your own motif you can post the pattern, but please respect copyrights and don't post the pattern for a published work without the author's permission. There are public domain patterns available on which the copyright has expired for a list of these books in PDF format click here. So that we can see your progress you need a website, blog or photo album where you can post your pictures. Blogger where this blog is hosted is very easy to set up just click on the logo at the top of the page and follow the steps. Remember to write down your Username and Password so that you can get back in to it the next time. To have your blog address added to the links on the right click on Comments below, giving your blog address and your name, or send an e-mail with the information to changing the # to @ and your name and blog will be added to the list at the earliest opportunity. From time to time the pictures on your blog will be copied and showcased here on the Challenge blog.


Memé said...

I love this way to show our work of tatting. I'm glad to share mine too.

donnadb said...

OK, I'm only an occasional tatter, but I'm going to give it a shot! My brand-new blog is Toxophily. My name is Donna. I'm hoping to have my 25 motif plan and a scan of my first motif up tomorrow.

Hey, some hints about how best to scan tatting would be wonderful!