Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lots of Motives and Some Shared Patterns

Well, I've had the screws removed from my leg, and all I can say is "Ouch"!. The day after I got home I discovered that we were getting unexpected house guests. I really didn't want to be cooking and cleaning for a crowd right after getting out of the hospital, but I'm back at my computer now and everyone has been busy.

Wally has posted a design she calls "Alexandria" using several different beading techniques. Janet has 2 new designs up and shares the pattern for her mignonette snowflake for beginners. She'll be using this for the beginner class in October. Sharol has posted 2 new variations of sun designs one of which uses beads. Jan has taken a break from tatting motives to knit sock for the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Diane has a new camera so she'll be able to show some better pictures of what she's working on. Some of her work will be going up for sale on ebay. Clyde is slowly adding to his tablecloth. He now has 14 large and 9 small motifs done. He went to the Fringe Element Tatting Day and had a great time. Mark created 2 variations of a paisley motif. His geisha has a name -Koito- which means "little thread" in Japanese. Koito has shoulders now. Another technique Mark is exploring is something he's calling a lock stitch chain. Very striking! Jon is displaying a red and green bookmark which she did have plans to add another round to, except that once she had it done she didn't want it any wider and the variations she tried she didn't like. Maybe it's a caterpillar in disguise? Riet has been tatting for her guild magazine and did a cross from the book of Julie Patterson, More crosses than you can Bear: Eye Spy Flowers for which she used DMC cordonnet special # 100. What a gorgeous cross. Barbara L has been learning to melt glass beads in a workshop and she has designed sunflower with celtic petals, although she thinks it looks more like a sun than a flower and she wants to give it a second try. Lori has done a really sweet bookmark utilizing SCMRs self-closing mock rings. Terry has posted both the picture and the pattern for an elegant and Victorian looking bell design. Snowy has had computer problems and hasn't been tatting for a while. Donna B has another motif up. This one is A Basket of Eggs, from A Pattern Book of Tatting, in DMC Cebelia #10.

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