Saturday, September 16, 2006

Square, Star, Butterfly and Spinning Wheel

Jon was creating a 5 point star that worked better with 4 points. Then by changing the position of the picots it worked out to the 5 points she wanted. With her left over thread she created a frill to wrap around the top of the cookie jar. I wish my left overs looked like that. Riet created a lovely looking butterfly, but she wants to find a better way of moving from wing to wing and maybe make the body a little fatter. I don't know about needing a fatter body, I think it looks good the way it is. Medallions, snowflakes and hearts generally start and the centre or along one side and then move in a logical progression from the inside out, or from the side around. Since butterflies have a body and 4 wing segments, they often have to be made in 5 pieces. As tatters, we don't like pieces, they mean a lot of extra ends to hide. Designing a butterfly that looks like a butterfly and can be done in one piece from beginning to end takes a lot of planning and often several trials before you're happy with the results. Maria has posted her 4th motif. This one is from a Burda magazine. Two of her previous motives still need to be completed, which is hard to do during lunch hour. Donna B has posted a motif that is an eighth of the “Cloudburst” design in A Pattern Book of Tatting and she wonders what the whole thing would look like if it were done in alternating white and black. I guess she'll have to tat 7 more slices of this pie to see. She has done all of her motives up to this point in black. Also posted today is a motif called Spinning Wheel from the same book, this time in red.

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