Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another Quiet Day

There was a real flurry of creativity over the weekend and now things have become quiet again. Lori has worked another bookmark using SCMRs.

A comment was made about pictures not being visible. I have checked and sometimes the pictures are visible on the blogs and sometimes not. If you can't see pictures on one of the blogs, try the site again later.

If you think you'd like to join the fun, just set up your own blog, web site or photo album, and give me the address to add to the links on the right. Then start posting pictures of your progress. You can tat anything you'd like from original designs to traditional patterns and there's no real deadline, except that you have a year in which to tat 25 motives. You can e-mail me with your information at sharon at gagechek dot com or you can include the information in the comments below.

1 comment:

Needledreams said...

I got 2 more on my blog. These challenges are squeezing my brain! LOL