Thursday, August 31, 2006

More New Designs

Wally has her 4th motif posted, the center of a bigger design that she called "Pharaonic Sun" . It's going to be discussed on the Online Tatting Class later this year. Ruth has added a celtic "R" to her page. Janet has added several new variations of the Tat-Along motif including a celtic snowflake. Sharol has completed her 4th sun motif. Jon has another bookmark posted. This one in green and white used SLT to keep the colours aligned and has an outer row of overlapping chains. Kathy used a variegated thread from an exchange to tat this motif from a 1959 Workbasket pattern that she modified using a second shuttle. Lori has just completed a six inch motif in size 40 thread all in one round. Donna has sorted out some problems with her blog and posted another variation of her first design.

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