Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yesterday's post

This is yesterday's post a little late, I started it last night but was just too exhausted from the family reunion to complete it.
Sharol has 2 new sun motives done, showing what the sun looks like whenher back yard gets to 138 degrees. 138 degrees? How can you breathe when it's that hot? It's definitely not tatting temperature. Jan has 2 new motives completed and she's trying to stretch herself, tatting right/side wrong/side. It's hard to remember to keep the wrong side up when scanning. Riet has had a terrible week. Monday she got the news that her 47 year old cousin died from cardiac arrest like her eldest son did last November. Hug the 2 remaining sons Riet, our thoughts and prayers are with you. As if that wasn't enough tragedy, Tuesday night her home was broken into, the downstairs area ransacked, lots of things stolen including the projects she did for the challenge and 4 Hinton shuttles and special shuttles attached to them. One bright spark in the week, her youngest son mailed the first pictures of the baby they are expecting in March 2007. In spite of all of this Riet has posted a square motif using the daisy technique that she will combine with Hardanger for a workshop. Barbara L has her first motif posted, a stunning butterfly from "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino" No 11. She has plans to attach her tatting to greeting cards and hopes that the Challenge will help her to have a supply of cards ready for when she needs them. That's something we can all do. I received so many precious hand crafted cards when I had the accident last year, each one of them was special and appreciated. Lori has done 5 motives using the same centre configuration and she's been working with some unspecified thread, which she notes isn't very good, but she used in for experimenting rather than spoil good thread which is harder to find. Kristie finally got her scanner fixed so she could take some pictures of the laces she has done, a yellow motif from an older - J.P. Coats tatting book from the 1920's, a cross bookmark she found half finished in her basket and completed and a small white motif, just to use up the thread on she shuttle. Also posted is a doily she entered in the county fair which won first prize.

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