Monday, August 21, 2006

Busy, Busy Tatters

We have 16 people already entered in the challenge and several more have written to tell me they are in the process of setting up a blog. There's lots of tatting being done. Ruth is on her 11th celtic design but she has already stated that she wants all 25 done in 2 weeks. Marie is working on a tablerunner and checking out some square motives with that in mind. Gail's third motif is a Hens and Chicks cross. Dawn has posted a cute square motif and she's found the mistake in a previous motif. Sharol is working on 25 motives related to the sun, there are lots of interesting possibilities there! Jan has been away from tatting for a while and the Challenge has given her a reason to start again. Arlene has plans for a variety of motives like the ones she has posted. Clyde is working on a tablecloth.


Marie BC said...

I posted 2 more motifs on my blog. All three of the ones I've done will be re-done in the Coats and Clark vintage thread I found - where else - at the thrift shop. How I wish I could still buy it, because it's a nice, mercerized, smooth thread to work with.

Ruth said...

I hae really enjoyed seeing so many join this challenge. I'm inspired by the diversity of the tatting designs and hearing about what everyone has planned.