Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ruth has already reached her goal of tatting 25 Celtic motives and she's taking pre-orders for the book. We haven't been shown motives 16-25, is Ruth going to keep us guessing? Dawn has added a tatted basket. Clyde has completed 15 large motives and 5 small ones for his tablecloth. I think I read somewhere that this cloth was going to take 150 motives? It would certainly take me longer than one year to complete it. Riet has posted a cute bookmark done in a variegated thread. Barbara the Sanguine Tatter has completed her first motif in a variegated lilac thread. She has plans to do all 25 motives in this colour and applique them to a pashmina shawl for her mother. Target completion date Mother's Day. Terry has posted a tree done from one of Maus' patterns and she used 144 beads on it. Snowy has joined us and already has her first 2 motives completed.

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