Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wow! Look at all these new entries!

Ruth has been busy again and added 3 new motives to her celtic line. The spearhead pendant necklace, the letter "G" in plaid and a simple but effective Ribbon Weave Edging. Gail has tatted the Mary Konior's large cross and she's wondering if it could be done as a square motif and worked into a table runner. Lynda has a 9 point medallion done and Sharol has her second sun motif posted. Jan surprised herself by creating her first design. Diana has changed her blog address and posted her first 2 motives. Mark has posted his first entry. Hey, Mark this is a motif challenge not a doily challenge :-) What a lot of colour and pizazz! Jon has done several variations of the motif from Wally's Tat-Along page. Kathy is working with the threads she received in the thread exchange and already has 3 motives posted along with the information on the threads.

It would be nice to include pictures from the websites here, but in order to showcase all your lovlies, I need your permission. It wasn't one of the things, that was planned ahead of time, but I've added a note under the guidelines, so that from now on, when I see something different and special, I can just insert it, unless I get a note from you asking me NOT to show it. Ruth's picture was shown earlier because she gave permission for it to be used. I'm trying to include the links with each update, but if people are just surfing through they don't always have time to check out each page and that's a shame because there's lots of eye candy showing up.


Needledreams said...

Hi Sharon!

You have my permission to copy the pics for the blog. I was thinking the same. Would be lovely to see most of the progress here in the blog than visiting each of them. :-)

Sharon said...

While it might be nice to see all the pictures, you wouldn't get to read what people are saying about them in their blogs, not to mention that it would mean a whole lot more work for me :-)