Thursday, August 17, 2006


It looks like several people are off to a good start. Janet has a couple of motives already done using variations of the motif from Wally's Tat-Along site. Wally has really challenged herself. In addition to creating the motif for her Tat-Along site in both English and Spanish and doing 100 (that isn't a mis-print she's working on 100) tatted motives already, she is also doing the 25 Motif Challenge and has added lovely beaded motif on her blog. Gail has been retatting the TAT artisan celtic motif because it just isn't quite right so she has decided to join us. Ruth, is a runaway winner for her fast start on this challenge and is already on her 6th celtic design pictured here. Way to go everyone!

1 comment:

Needledreams said...

I have seen all the motifs and they're looking great!

I will have to tell my Spanish tatters about the challenge too. I forgot! :-(

Ruth has taken seriously the challenge as a race! LOL I just made my 1st for the 25 Motifs. I think I'll wear my roller blades so I can join her speed! LOL

Good work everyone!