Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Marthanne is doing better at getting her motifs done this year and her first is  from page 31 of A Tatters Workbook made from Lizbeth #664-Bright Turquoise. Leens Tatted Angel done in Lizbeth #152-Christmas Green Mix is made in two parts, but she added an an extra picot in the middle of the upper row of the skirt which lead to an extra ring in the lower row of the skirt. Here is her 2017 TIAS, the Crinoline lady, made from Lizbeth #170-Pineapple Parfait.

Lelia finished her two crinoline ladies, the first in Lizbeth size 20
Colour 403, Winter Ice Twirlz and the second in Lizbeth size 20 Colour 161 Sea Island Citrus.

Diane's busy life hasn't left a lot of tatting time, just enough for one Ice Drop.

Fox is taking a step away from the fine thread to work on a design from the Easter Egg book in this pale blue size 20. The doily in size 80 lilac is perfect with these beads.

Margaret has two more Snowflake Ice Drops, tatted with white Lizbeth thread size 20 using Diane's Snowflake pattern. She put beads instead of the Josephine knots and a Spiral chain to hang them by.

Marie has embarked on a venture in tatting around buttons and after making a couple of pendants she matched up a pair of earrings. A different style of button based pendant. Another pendant is her favourite design so far.

Muskaan has been playing around with half moon split ring as a design element and as always Muskaan as given beautifully illustrated steps in her process. If you haven't been checking out her blog, you should, as she always has amazingly detailed information that I'm always at a loss to condense.

Sue has been test tatting another Elaine P. Gan design inspired by Priscilla Tatting, which she calls Wave Runner, executed in Lizbeth size 40 Pineapple Parfait and Butterfly Breeze.

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