Friday, February 24, 2017

Ice Drops, Easter egg, Earrings and Motifs

Diane is calling this Ice Drop, "Minty Fudge" but she thinks something is missing and she's not sure what it is. Thanks to the suggestions from tatting friends to add a bead at the top of the frilly rings, she now has a Minty Fudge Ice Drop that she loves. When you view them together it's easy to see how that little beady spot of green really sets off the design.

Fox tatted these designs with size 20 Lizbeth thread, using the patterns from the Easter Egg book. Here they are pictured together with a shuttle for perspective.

Margaret used Renulek's Snowflake from her napkin sniezynkowa in 2012 as a base for these Ice Drops that have clear gem centres. (They kind of disappear in the picture and I wonder how they'd look with cracked gems.) She used a spiral chain for hanging because the gems are kind of heavy.

Marie has made earrings to go with her For His Glory pendant.

Muskaan shares a design from Usha called a Dot Picot Motif.

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Vera said...

Szeretnék csatlakozni a csoporthoz..sajnos a nyelvet nem értem... szeretem a frivolitást...Ha jól értem minden hónapban jó ha van folyamatban kézimunka...Előre is köszönöm...Vera...