Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Edgings, Doilies, Butterflies, Crosses, Cupcakes, Pendants and Techniques

Jane thinks edging 88 could be worked directly onto fabric instead of onto a crocheted 'header'. Edging 89 is a rings-only pattern which she'd call frothy and she thinks it would work better as an insertion than an edging. Edging 90 is pretty but pedantic, with a lot of ends to hide.

Sue has the next round of her doily finished and is on the round with lots of scalloped motifs and lots of ends to hide.

Diane eked out some tatting time and made some progress on Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. Being the very first customer of  PainTatPlus, Diane received a lovely note with a tatted butterfly. She loves the way this little Spinning Wheel turned out, although it's really too small to be a glass mat (coaster) at a mere 3 1/2", but she thinks this may be her new favourite shade of blue!

Eliz tatted these butterfly twins using her own pattern to empty shuttles. Then she moved on to a variation of her Small Cross Bookmark. After that she needed a bit of a challenge and made the Tatted Cupcake 2 by Nancy Tracy.

Fox is still slowly working through row 11 of her doily, whose snail's pace of completion is further hampered by the addition of beads. Oh so slow to tat, but oh so pretty when it's done.

Marie found this pretty button at a store that's gone out of business and added tatting to make a lovely pendant. She has another cross done for one of the children. She loves Lene's crosses and this is one of her, most, favourites.

Muskaan has another session posted in her This Way or Tat discovery, working with ring only patterns.

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