Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doilies, Motifs, Edging, Pendants, Brooch, Diya and Dragon,

Jane has been working through the Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito and is on the last motif in the book, using Coats size 40 thread. There has been a lot of snipping. Here is number 100, all done. The most striking thing she learnt from the book was the importance of picot length and bare thread spaces, but since the book was all pictures and diagrams, without text, it was very challenging.

Melanie is really pleased with how the 4 squares of Tablecloth pattern from Workbasket magazine turned out.

Cindy has some tatted edging done now that she has a pair of clip on magnifiers. She found craft work frustrating as she was having trouble seeing, but magnifiers combined with a little more light should get her back to it.

Diane has another Spinning Wheel started. Her mail included a package from Marie which included a lovely tatted pendant. A little tatting before classes and at lunch has moved this Spinning Wheel along. Tatting while watching the Cubs play in the World Series and she just happened to grab a Cub's blue thread from her stash to make this Spinning Wheel. This Sky Blue Dark Spinning Wheel is finished and joins her growing collection.

Marie has created a new brooch pattern, called "Lover's Brooch. She tatted another in DMC embroidery floss. The pattern for tatting and construction are available on her blog.


Muskaan has tried out a new pattern for a diya intending to make a string of lights for Diwali or "festival of lights".

Wanda is using Lizbeth 674 Garnet Dark to tat Martha's Chinese Dragon from her Flights of Fancy book.

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