Saturday, December 26, 2015

SPECIAL - Christmas trees covered in tatting

Did you create a lot of tatting to fill your Christmas tree? Do you have pictures you'd like to share? How many of you would like to see a blog full of pictures of trees covered in tatting? How many of you like to drool over trees covered in a froth of lace? How about something similar to the 25 Motif Challenge blog, but a seasonal one just for Christmas?

Are you interested in sharing your tatted tree? Do you want to see a lot of trees covered in tatting? If so,
email me at sharon at rsbriggs dot com or post a comment here with your contact information.

This is my tree with the angel on the top which is my own design from a few years ago. The Christmas balls covered in tatting are designs from my newsletter as are the 3D snowflakes and flat angels. Miscellaneous snowflakes have been added year by year.

If there is a lot of interest, I'll set up a blog and request pictures from people to show on it. If there isn't any interest, it won't go any further.


While there has been some interest, the suggestion hasn't been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Consequently there won't be a separate blog for it. Instead I will make one posting on the challenge blog with all of the submissions. To have your tree included I need the following.
1 - Your Name: Real or avatar name.
2 - Your blog or web site with more pictures can be seen and details learned.
3 - Your picture or pictures: Send them to sharon at rsbriggs dot com (change the  at to @ and the  dot to .)
4 - Your comments about your tree: Whatever you want included, like the type of thread, patterns, what you did with the tree or whatever other information you want included. You don't have to be part of the 25 Motif Challenge or have your own blog, you just need to send me your pictures and info.

I don't have the time to hunt and peck through web pages, so either email the pictures to me with your description or if it's all on a single page on your blog send me the link the that one page. When I have the information I will make a one time posting with all your lovely trees.


Corina said...

Great idea, and my christmas tree gets more and more covered in tatting each year.

Sarah said...

I would love to see trees! And wreaths! And window-displays! Etc. (And would be happy to share some of mine.)

But would it make sense to have it be a special blog entry instead of a whole blog of its own? I donno how those things work best.

JB said...

Beautiful. I love the angel.

Anonymous said...

The angel is gorgeous. I don't put up a tree (no room) but I've covered small trees for both my mother and my MIL (years ago). Maybe a special "Christmas" or "holiday" blog entry on this blog - one 'regular' set of pictures, and an additional set of 'holiday tatting' pictures in the same month? (Or a whole blog would work, too.) I like to LOOK at everyone's pictures, but don't have much of my own to show. Seems like most of my holiday tatting - for any holiday - gets given away almost before it's finished.

Margarets designer cards said...

Love your angel, I never put mine up this year, we really were not here to enjoy it and really I did not feel like.
Have not forgotten what you asked for, it's in rough notes will sort out and print it properly for you.
Happy new year

tattrldy said...

Christmas trees with tatting are so pretty! Yes, I would like to see more. I posted about my Christmas tree this year, the first ever with just tatted ornaments.

muskaan said...

I think its a good idea ... with a blog specially devoted to holiday tatting , we can actually post whenever we like, right -- all thru the year .
This year, I tatted quite some snowflakes, but cold & laziness got the better of me and I did not decorate the tree. Your new blog may motivate some of us to decorate & showcase when the weather is better ?

Beautiful tatting ornaments !

Anonymous said...

Fab idea!