Thursday, April 02, 2015

Necklaces, Bracelet, Doilies, Easter Eggs, Edging, Motifs, Crosses, Earrings and Animals

Dorota created an interesting pendant by adding champagne coloured tatting and gold beads around an unusual large bauble bead. She used Ruth Perry's simple celtic design for this bracelet. This row of her heart doily requires 20 unfinished hearts in one long row. This Gothic black choker with the draped chains was made as part of a challenge. This is her first tatted egg and she decided that the length of the chains would depend on the size of the individual egg, so she worked without a set plan. As a  presenter on frywolitkowego this month she is challenging tatters to wear their work. As examples she shows tatting used in a band around a waist, a scrolling trail across a purse and as an inset on a dress.

Gwen has been working on some tatted eggs for Easter. The blue egg is paper-mache tatted with 30 DMC Cebelia using a pattern by Christiane Eichler and the red a wooden egg, tatted in size 30 DMC Cebelia using a pattern by Renulek.

Mary Lena is getting ready for Easter with eggs dressed in tatting.

Julie used Lizbeth size 40 colour 646 for this motif from Little Lace Mat designed by Norma Benporath and diagrammed by Jon Yusoff.

Jenn has finished her first 25 Motifs with this cross design by Elaine P Gan, which was quick and easy. For International Tatting Day (April 1st) she tatted 2 little daisies during her girls' swimming lessons.

Sue finished her hanky using Jane Eborall's pattern, working with pale lilac and falling leaves in size 40. Another pair of earrings are done in Wildflower Garden with bronze and different shades of gold beads, gold transparent and cream beads.

mb duke is making steady progress on Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily and has finished round 6. She used Renulek's pattern for the lace, but when completed it overlapped the egg and she's not sure how to proceed.

Cindy is having a rough time on round 9, and perhaps because she was concentrating on front side / back side tatting, she missed a picot and had to back track a repeat to fix it. She likes how some of the repeats look, but not others and she's not sure what she is doing differently on the ones she likes.

Diane is working on Renulek's doily and thinks this bit should be finished quickly. This part is done and ready for the next round. Round 8 is started in a solid purple shade. Here's a little bit more done. Just a little more completed. Playing with the kids has taken precedent over tatting, but she's still almost half way through the round.

Fox has fixed the invisible mistakes that only she could see and now she's ready to move on. Renulek's Wiosna 2015, round 9 is taking some time and she's looking forward to the 10th row which apparently has some surprises. A new row has begun.

Lilas is pleased to participate in the European Day of Craftsmanship. The necklace is one that she did for International Tatting Day, a remake in black of one that she had done in pink.

Margaret made this pendant from Tatting with Rings by Jon Yusoff, and she really enjoyed using the plastic ring for a change. The pattern is called Kincir and she used Lizbeth size 20 in Purple Splendor and White.

Marie says this cute little horse reminds her of a child's stuffed toy. One of her favourite designs is the ladybug that uses two shuttles and a lot of shoe-lace-ties to make it. The monkey with his hand behind his back looks like he's up to mischief. The snail was so cute she had to make to of them. The squirrel, like all of the others was a fast tat that took only a day to make. Teddy, is the last one from Inga Madsen's book, Tatted Animals. Marie has started a new doily in size 30 thread from Jan Stawasz', Tatting Theory and Patterns, Doily 6.

Muskaan has been experimenting with colours and wondering if the colours on a doily have to go round and round. Renulek’s  Wiosna  Doily 2015 Rounds 8 & 9 are done. She has shown some of the techniques she used for placing colour where she wanted it. She has posted a collage of her tatting for International Tatting Day.

Phyllis has started her 3rd challenge with a Cross a Heart and a Rosette. The cross is a quick Jane Eborall pattern. The heart is from an IOLI Bulletin tatted in her own size 10 HDT. The rosette was the start of a doily from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito and tatted in Size 5 Metallic Perle Cotton.

HisKid has an update ready on Renulek's 2014 doily which she is working on. She only has a few repeats done as she managed to burn her thumb on an oven rack and hasn't been able to tat.

Wanda has tatting and chocolate all set for International Tatting Day.

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