Saturday, April 18, 2015

Doilies, Necklace, Earrings, Lanyard and Bookmarks

Lelia enjoyed the Indiana Lace Day where Carol brought her tatted Tardis doily. Diane showed off the work on her Jan Stawasz "Masterpiece" doily and Renulek's Spring doily. Marilee wore a colourful necklace and  tatted earrings she made. Sue Anna was using Patti Duff's beaded lanyard pattern with a smaller size bead. There was a bowl of embellished paper clips to choose from + a chapter pin to select from when they arrived at the door.

Cindy found round 10 of Wiosna relaxing, easy to tat, and a wonderful round to use the variegated thread that took about 8 hours to tat. There are times when variegated thread throws the shape or balance of the doily off, and it sometimes makes her think she made an error somewhere.

Diane got a little bit more done on her Jan Stawasz doily. She also spared some time for Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. Just a little more and this Spinning Wheel will be done.

Fox has given up on the hat since it refuses to curve into a cap and she has declared it a trivet and gifted it to a young couple who just became engaged. The progress of the Fikkert piece is moving slowly as these little ovals aren't fun to do and there are such a lot of them.

Sue has 7 triangles done for a cross she's working on, but the last ring broke as she was closing it so she put it aside for now. This cross is done and waiting for her thumb to heal before she tries using a needle to finish it off, another cross is started and she has more done on her doily.

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