Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doilies, Edgings, Cross, Bracelet, Earrings, Necklaces, Easter egg, Motifs and Butterfly

Dorota finished her heart doily and has posted the pattern for the edging of the heart row on her blog. She has also tried out some edgings she wants to use and has been experimenting with different orientations.

Gwen was the lucky recipient of a tatted cross from Sue (HisKid) which she mounted in a Lucite frame to display it.

Julie was working through the the Tat-Along of the Little Lace Mat by Norma Benporath and has the second round done in Lizbeth size 40 colours 646 and 647.

Sue finished her bracelet and earrings done in Wildflower Garden and loves the spring look of them.

Cigdem made this square motif necklace based on a machine embroidery design and it's tatted in Lizbeth thread with jet black faceted beads and a has a matching pair of earrings. The bracelet and ring design is another variation of the design. Natural Leopard Skin Jasper has been encapsulated by tatting in Turkish (Altin Basak) gold and charcoal colour polyester thread with faceted crystals to make this charming set.

mb duke has added tatting to colourful Easter eggs to make an interesting display basket.

Lelia is looking forward to the Indiana Lace day and has made some bags for the event.

Nancy has 2 yards of lace done and usually, if she makes a mistake, she just undoes the lace, but not this time where there is a mistake of this size this far back, where it needed to be cut and patched.

Cindy found the round 9 is taking a very long time, but it's coming. It's lovely to behold, now that it's done and it matches the spring colours of her Easter eggs. She's thinking that the next row might be a good place to use her variegated thread again.

Diane is moving right along with her doily and this round is almost done. Round 8 of Renulek's Spring Doily is finally done. Round 9 is just started. She found keeping track of which chains had picots and which did not, so she decided to put picots on all the chains for this round of the Stawasz doily. She was enthralled with the Easter eggs on Renulek's blog and ordered two in each colour, so she could share a set with her friend.

Fox is on the last row of Wiosna 2015 and hoping to finish off the size 40 Lizbeth thread. She needed a break from huge doilies and decided to tat this motif, that's part of a large mat, in blue. She loves the fern like shapes but found it fussy to tat. At long last all 17 inches of the Wiosna 2015 doily is finished. Now she's on to the Ben Fikkert pattern.

Jenn has been working through some Inkscape tutorials on preparing visual drawings. She tatted some more flowers while watching the kids play at the park. She also tried out Joelle Paulson's Papillon pattern, but lost count of the stitches and she'll be doing it again in a finer thread.

Kristen gives us a peek at a large project she has been working on. She found Pineapple Heaven by Dorthea Albee and fell in love with the large black and white picture shown next to the small version. The pattern wasn't given for the large version but the picture was detailed enough and could be enlarged enough so that she could figure it out. Here's the gorgeous final results.

Lilas used a section of a design from the Priscilla Tatting Book to make these earrings. Red polyester thread, Miyuki seed beads and pink pearl rose quartz for this set. This set has gray polyester thread, metal Miyuki seed beads and freshwater pearls. Blue polyester thread, Miyuki seed beads are matched with lapis lazuli. The final set is made with white polyester, pink Miyuki seed beads and pink crystals.

Margaret had a lovely Red Admiral butterfly stop to look at her craft table and paused long enough to get it's picture taken.

Marie is working on her Jan Stawasz doily. The variegated peach and sea foam green combination reminds her of a coral reef and they are two of her favourite colours. She needed to use up some extra thread on a shuttle and tatted this pattern from  Marilee's new book, Beaded Tatting Finery. Her doily is progressing. Here it is with a few more rounds.

Martha has been adding extra challenges since she completed her first 25 Motif Challenge and the current one is to tat designs from some vintage books like these motifs from Priscilla Tatting Book No. 2.

Muskaan was working on Renulek’s Wiosna Doily 2015 and got to a point where she thought of stopping. Then she tried some variations of colours to see how they looked.

Wanda went through a lot of work to find attractive ways to show off her embellished lamp shades, finally settling on dressed up cans as a base, but they didn't give off a lot of light, just a subtle glow. The goblet gave off more light and added an interesting pattern on the shade.

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