Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snowflakes, Ornaments, Heart, TIAS, Pendants, Edging, Bracelet, Earrings, Doilies, Motifs, Peacock, Christmas trees, Bookmarks and Mouse

Gwen worked from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments by Barbara Foster and tatted these snowflakes. One of the snowflakes has already been attached to a ball ornament.

Mary Lena had an impulse and tatted a lovely asymmetrical heart. This one is her entry for "My Czech Beads" contest tatted with seed beads from Preciosa Fire Polished Beads.

JulieP has day 4 of TIAS done and she thinks it looks like a wing. At Day 5 with 2 wing shapes she thinks it looks like a dragonfly. Here is her last snowflake of the year that was sent in an exchange and the pattern is by Decormama and the thread is size 50 Snowflake HDT from Yarnplayer. Day 6 of TIAS and Julie thinks it's the jaws of a crocodile. On day 7 it's looking like a rabbit. She has found that polyester embroidery thread, like Mettler Polysheen set 3, the equivalent of 40 Lizbeth works well for jewellery as you can see in her pendant. The design done in cotton DMC size 80 shown on the right  doesn't have the body and shine of the finished design on the left.

Sue thinks day 5 of TIAS looks like bat ears. After several days of being lost, Sue finally recovered her hanky with the tatted Fandango edging that the cat had hidden under a cushion. Another day of TIAS and she's still sticking with bat ears. Day 7 her guess is bat ears?, bunny ears?, scissors? donkey ears? to a dog with 2 tails? Marilee Rockley's Linnea Bracelet is finished and looking marvellous.

mb duke has been working on a lot of earrings lately both to empty shuttles and stave off the boredom of working on large projects. The first pattern is from Jane McLellan's blog. The next earring pattern she found on MaryLena's blog and the heart pattern is just in time for Valentine's day.

Lelia worked on TIAS days 1 through 6 at which point she though maybe it was scissors. She's using Lizbeth size 20, colour # 127 and at day 7 she's thinking it looks like a rabbit.

Grace is about a quarter of the way through round 8 of the Robotke doily by Jan Stawasz. She began with green beads that bled so she cut them out and used some clear beads instead. These earrings are made with Oren Bayan thread and silver Mill Hill beads. The motif is taken from a larger piece in her Jan Stawasz book.

Claire was the recipient of Julie's snowflake in their exchange. On day 4 0f TIAS she's not sure what it is. On day 5 she's wondering if it might be a starfish, or maybe 2 legs of a horse.

Diane is working away on her doily and has 11 outer motifs done here. TIAS at this point is reminding her of a hummingbird perched on a purple posy. Round 5 of the doily is finished. Round 6 is taking her about 30 minutes between motifs and she's about a third of the way around. She's still chugging along through round 6. She has 3 more repeats to go on this round. TIAS is posted in little bits and is easy to keep up with. Round 6 of the Monster Doily is done and measures 14 inches across. She's hit her first mistake on round 7 where she missed a picot and 5 ds, but better at the beginning where it's less painful to snip. At the end of day 7 she has no idea what the TIAS is going to turn into.

Fox is thinking that at day 5 Jane's TIAS looks like a cowboy. As a break between larger pieces Fox has been tatting motifs, such as this one from Blomqvest and Persson, done in Sulky Blendables, which is comparable to #80. The next motif which is possibly a design by Elain Gan done in size 40 Karey Solomon HDT. She's plodding along on her doily, but she's getting bored and restless. Day 6 of TIAS, is it a toucan? The inner part of the doily from Tatting with Anne Orr is lovely even when she messed up on her repeats. Liyarra, sent her a sample of Fincacrochet Presencia thread and she tried it out on the Blomqvest and Persson motif where it looked good until it was accidentally chucked in the garbage bin. Her doily is getting enormous and this is the last time she's going to blog about it on this round. TIAS day 7 she thinks it looks like an advert for the Royals.

IsDihara is just now getting to show us the wonderful tatted peacock attached to an organza bag she received from a tatter in Singapore.

Lilas was thrilled to be written up in the blog Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Margaret was challenged to find something of interest on Pinterest each month and tat it, so for January she tatted a Christmas Tree in Lizbeth Red Burst at the top to use up thread on the shuttle, and white for the tree, both in size 20. This snowflake from the book 24 snowflakes by Lene Bjorn is called the first day of December and was sent to her by Kristen.

Marie made this copper cameo for her sister utilizing a cameo she bought at a yard sale.

Martha found the bracelet that she thought was lost. It's the Single Shuttle Beady Braid by Erin Holloway, available on the Palmetto Tat Days 2014 Pattern CD. The adorable teapot closure is one that she was saving for the perfect project.

Mica tatted Renulek's snowflake design in DMC Special Dentelles 80 and it's very pretty and fun to make even though she's kind of hit burn out where motifs are concerned.

Muskaan has enjoyed the challenge of working through Jane's TIAS. She got to tat with a button and tat a lock chain, both of which were new to her. She thought it might be a Starfish or a Wheel or maybe a Windmill.

Sue tatted The Graduation Cross Bookmark from Wanda in size 40 Lizbeth Pink Blossoms. For size comparison here are the last 3 bookmarks she did, the first 2 in size 40 and the last one in size 10.

Wanda is quite happy with Morgan Mouse, but some invading mouse has chewed apart a new ball of thread and that pleased her not at all. Day 5 of TIAS remains a mystery as to what it is.

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