Saturday, February 08, 2014

Gecko, TIAS, Bookmarks, Motifs, Heart, Earrings and Purse

Sue has finished Gwen the Gecko using Jane Eborall's pattern. TIAS day 12 looks to be going in a different direction.

Claire used brown for day 12 of TIAS since she is persuaded it's a boat and brown is appropriate for wood. She found this motif in the German Tatting Schiffchenspitzen by Frauberger and tatted it in Lizbeth  size 20, Seagreen dark #688.

Lelia also has day 12 of TIAS done and she has chosen colour 644 as her second thread.

Grace shares in the frustrations Kristen has expressed like the motif that she practiced block tatting on and had to cut off petals. Then she did a practice piece using Jane's instructions. This is the completed bookmark using the rose and pearl stem from her last post, attached to a gorgeous heart motif I found online by Tine Neudorf. Here's another example of the same heart. This partially completed motif is from an Anne Orr publication where the rose is worked in size 8 perle cotton and the motif in size 40 Lizbeth so she increased the stitch count to compensate.

Fox, at day 12 of TIAS, is persuaded it's the Owl and the Pussycat.

Orsi's new item in her "Sleeping beauty" collection are double floral earrings made of size 20 grey Lizbeth thread decorated with rhinestones. The lace for her bag has been applied to the fabric backing and her first prototype is almost done.

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