Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doilies, Bookmarks and Motifs

Gwen started row nine of the Clover doily by Eileen Stafford and she's thrilled to learn how to do split rings and split chains so that she can avoid the dreaded cut and tie.

Jane tatted the Roses and Vine Bookmark designed by Paula Gero, in size 20 thread although the pattern called for size 10. here it is again done in size 40 thread.

Nancy tatted the Tennessee Cross pattern by Carolyn Coleman in Lizbeth size 20 Eldeberry Jam.

Diane needed something for on the go tatting and picked up Patti Duff's Mini Tats again starting with #1 in size 20 Lizbeth #149, Peacock Blues. She has also started the next round of Doily VI from Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz.

Fox has been working on Mary Konior’s Glass Mat using Anchor Mercer Crochet #80.

Marie has tatted a variation on Rose Rogers's Round Robin doily in crochet thread with a silver filament for her aunt.

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