Monday, September 24, 2012

Motifs, Lady, Bookmarks, Butterflies, Edgings, Earrings, Snowflakes and Doilies

Margaret has test tatted Fox's Duchess pattern, but not having a metal finding, she tatted a central ring instead, but it didn't work out quite right, so she did it again in Lizbeth no 20 Scottish Thistle, which didn't work out either since the suggested thread was size 40. The next time she had a proper finding and tatted it in size 40 Lizbeth thread Blue River Glades, which worked but she's not sure if she likes the colour. Now she's on to Jon's Lace Mat Tat Along challenge working in one of her favourite colours Lizbeth size 20 Scottish Thistle.
Marie took Diane's challenge to tat around a finding and ended up using size 20, in Vineyard Harvest to create a lovely pair of earrings. Sunbonnet Sue Motif, found in The Big Book Of Tatting, by Darlene Polachic was done in Lizbeth, size 80, in Wildflower Garden to make a pair of doll earrings. She has now added her Tatsmithing work to Pinterest.
Garyo tatted the same motif and joined them together in different arrangements. The one in pale violet was joined at a single picot and the one in pale blue was joined at 2 picots and it gives a slightly different effect.
Julie decided to go with a single tail on her bookmark, so fixing it was just a matter of getting rid of the second damaged tail. She has been tatting Papillon, Frivole's new butterfly pattern and is really proud of it because it means she has learned to tat split rings. This edged cloth is another example of her grandmother's tatting as is this snowflake and these tea towels.
Jessica tatted a purple edging to sew on some tulle for a mini veil that will be mounted on a barrette but the first one was too long and had to be adjusted. She discovered circles of tulle in the wedding section so she bought the black ones and is making a red edging for it. Now we can see the finished red and black veil and the flower she made to set it off.
Marta has tatted a collection of earrings in subdued colours.
Nancy is joining the Tat Along is ans working on round 4. She has been practicing split rings before she proceeds. Now that she's worked on it, she can see something's not right that will require backing up to the 3rd row.
Linda tatted the first part of the Tat Along using Lizbeth 152, Christmas Green Mix. When pinning it out the second round she noticed a ring missing and had to remove the whole section and retat it.
Cindy decided she didn't like how the Tat Along was going, so she started it again.
Diane tatted the first round of Jon's Tat-Along for the second time, this time in Lizbeth Denim Blue Lt. #650, because she misplaced the first one she started in Berry Burst. She used size 20 Lizbeth, Christmas Delight #116 to tat her snowflake number 5. Snowflake number 6 is now done without the finding. She worked on another snowflake with a finding. After completing it she noticed that it was inspired by the first round of Norma Benporath's design. She has added these beautiful little decorative hooks, ready for fund-raising and she's thinking of calling them Santaflakes.
Fox decided on the third row of the Tat Along that she would change colours. The completed third round looks great. She started the fourth round but had to cut it off. tatting the fourth row is slow-going; with the beads and the repeats and the clover, it is going to take a while. She's had to take 3 tries at this piece, but she's enjoying the process of this pattern. Here it is, all 7 inches of it, The Lace Mat pattern by Norma Benporath, charted by Jon Yusoff.
Frances used size 40 thread in black and white, silver beads and Mary Konior's Rosa Frivola from Tatting with Visual Patterns to make a corsage for her son's prom date. Some additional white and silver organza ribbon as a backing and a silver and black finding to the front made just the right amount of glitz.
Jess is done with the first 3 rounds of the Lace Mat Tat-Along. She found a frame to hold her prize doily and mounted it along with the winning ribbon. Julie Patterson's Eye Spy bookmark from Just Marking Tome is tatted in Tat-ilicious size 60 "Young Hearts which her daughter promptly claimed for her teacher. So now Jess is doing one for herself.
Kathy has been tatting all sorts of pendants, first one with a metal finding, then layered rings, interlocking rings and inter woven chains. The variations of chains tatted around interlocking rings were done in Tropical Punch and Vineyard Harvest. The two layered flower motif done in Tropical Punch is a very easy pattern which creates two layers in one pass.
Mica was testing out some of her variegated thread using the same motif and this one is in Signature size 40 cotton thread (M11).
Michelle took a look through the Creative Arts building to see all of the state fair entries. She got Frivole's lovely, little Papillon and tatted it, without really paying attention to the instructions, the second one done following the instructions looks nicer. She has memorized Vicki Clarke's simple heart pattern and she tats it whenever she`s somewhere with a bit of thread and nothing to do. She loves Jon's Toshti but especially Diane's version of it so she copied what she did.

Tattabugg has joined the Tat Along but she`s a little behind because she started it in green and then decided to switch to ecru. Then she went on to Basic Tatted Earrings by Kim Millar and the mate-less one is is Long Elegant Earrings by Elizabeth C. Zipay.

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