Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lady, Butterflies, Dragon, Necklace, Bookmarks, Edging, Snowflakes and Motifs

Margaret made several tatted cards for her tatting demo. There was one with a white Sunbonnet Sue motif with a spray of flowers and clear beads in the middle and a butterfly, one with a selection of butterflies made from Lizbeth Purple Twist thread on backing paper she had in stock, another used a blue card with again backing paper from stock and a selection of butterflies, in several colours, the bottom one is white, pink Parade, Butterfly Breeze and the top one is from some HDT she was given. The last card had a long spray of green and some yellow daisy flowers with black beads in the centre and a small butterfly in the corner.

Marie did one more dragon in Lizbeth size 20 Mocha and Mountain Breeze. The turquoise necklace is from her Universal Bauble design from her first book; Tattasaurusing: Baubles and Motifs and intended for a friend at church who has a turquoise top which needs a little spicing up.

Julie shows us her "go to" patterns, the patterns she does all the time and her first is Mary Konior's Large Cross pattern which she has done with variations. The blue variegated cross has 15 ds while the purple version has 10 ds in each center ring of the clovers. Kersti's Stumpy is another go to pattern done here in purple size 10 Cebelia and the pink is tatted in size 5 pearl cotton, although she didn't like how floppy the perle cotton was. She also likes to take the large rings from this pattern, two sets of the clovers at the ends, adjust slightly and add beads and ear wires to make a quick and beautiful set of earrings for a gift.

Jessica has been reviewing her accounting videos and tatting up this edging in size 10 thread to use as a garland. Even in size 10, that's a lot of tatting.

Diane has her 3rd snowflake done both with and without the metal finding and has included the pattern on her blog.

Fox took the finding and created a lovely design called the Duchess using size 40 Lizbeth.

Frivole discovered a 12 pointed finding in her stash that she had purchased years ago and the snowflake wrapped around it just "happened".

Sue tatted this piece in size 10 thread, to show her friend how more could be added to a design. She started with some findings that may be plastic rather than metal and she was working on Diane's design with the Josephine knots, but after only a short while she could see it wasn't going to work out. She found another design that was a better fit for the size of finding she had. Here's the same design with a variation in stitch count.

Wanda made this little something trying to empty a couple of shuttles and she's do a longer post, but Blogger isn't co-operating.

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