Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doilies, Necklaces, Bookmarks, Edging, Motifs, Ornaments and Dinosaur

Marie worked on her Trolley mat pattern and mounted it under acetate to cover the lid of her cash box. This pendent was made with two strands of Coats and Clark sewing thread and an ocular agate.

Julie finished the Maria bookmark from Lene Bjorn's Bookmarks - Cross-Shaped and was just hiding the ends when this happened and she's wondering what she should do with it. Personally I'd leave it with just one tail.

Jessica ran out of the yellow thread on the shuttle on this unfinished version of Mary Konior’s Spinning Wheel Glass Mat and hasn't had a chance to add more. The yellow was a left over from an edging she was doing for a hanky.

SunshineCraft is working through Jon's lace mat Tat Along, but she's doing it backwards and tatting 8 little clovers first.

Diane sent Allison 4 of the tiniest findings and was rewarded with one of the snowflakes Allison created.

Fox tatted the centre of Jon's Tat Along in size 40 Olive Warbler. She has completed the Bessie Attenborough edging and attached it to the hanky and she's working on Linda Davies's Small Coronet Doily. Lots of things on the go.

Isdihara started Jon's Tat Along in bright yellow and she was thankful for Jon's comment that the piece would look distorted until it was done. Sure enough it looked pretty sad until it got a bit of blocking.

Marty demonstrated tatting with the Bonneville Tatters several times during the state fair, once with her niece who is just learning. Most of the items she entered in the state fair were the same things she entered in the county fair and of eleven pieces of tatting she entered in the fair she won nine first-place blue ribbons and two second-place red ribbons, which is fantastic and you'll want to read her blog for the full description.

StephanieGrace tatted Marilee's Rhapsody Necklace in Lizbeth size 10 black with pink size 8 beads and a pink glass pearl.

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