Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Earrings, Bracelet, Dragon, Fan, Motifs, Doilies, Hobby Horse, Edging, Flowers and Bookmark

Margaret tatted these earrings in Lizbeth thread no 20 Christmas Green Mix, with mix shaded green seed beads and the pattern is called Tree Earrings by Nami. The same pattern done again in black Lizbeth thread no 20 with gold seed beads. Floret from Marilee's tatting course used vintage no 10 pale pink with white seed beads. This bracelet is also from Marilee's tatting Course called classic Edge, used Lizbeth thread no 20 Peacock blues and gold seed beads on the chains.

Marie has tatted another dragon, this one in Lizbeth, size 20, Confetti.

Mariya has finally written down the pattern for fan. She has created several designs this year and they are available on her pattern page. She had to learn several techniques before she could do it, but now she has completed Anne Bruvold's Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon, which just happens to be her 25th motif.

Lelia used size 20 Lizbeth colour 694 to tat Motif #12 in Patti Duff's Mini Tats Book.

Jessica has been working on re-creating one of Camelia Crapo's doilies and noticed that the inner part of it resembled an Irish crochet rose. The first sample was done in size 10 and the second in size 80. This is the centre part of the doily which uses some interesting techniques. For some of Camelia's more innovative techniques this also involves trying to write out notes on how to do it in way that someone else might have a shot at understanding and Jessica always use two colors so she can follow the first and second shuttle portions later.

Nancy tatted Pam Palmer's Hobby Horse and added a jaunty bow.

SunshineCraft finished the Clover doily by Eileen Stafford in size 10 thread which she had planned on sewing to a nice linen tote bag, but as the finished size is 40cm (15 inches) across, she thinks it might be a better fit on a gym bag.

Diane wanted to have concave chains on this one, but reversed work when she shouldn't have giving convex chains. This is the way she intended the snowflake to look. She was interested to see how the snowflakes would look without the findings, so here's #1 with and without and the pattern has been included on her blog. Stephanie, who doesn't have a blog, sent Diane a picture of the pink earrings she made out of the findings. Diane's snowflake 2 was done without the finding and the pattern is on Diane's blog.

Fox has given up tatting the Coronet Doily as the Valdani thread is just not working. She did however have success with Karey's Chinoiserie the second time around in size 40 Lizbeth from Making Many Merrily. Just in case she forgot how to do it, she tatted another. She started again in Lizbeth 40 which was much better, until she noticed that she'd missed a picot and had to start yet again. (Why is it, that you never notice a missed picot until rounds later?) Of course all of that extra work does have some benefit, her split chains are improving. Cebelia size 20 and bright red Delica seed beads for the pretty border pattern by Bessie Attenborough match perfectly with the chosen hanky. Fox's Lillian pattern has been test tatted and is now available in her Etsy shop. Miranda tatted this version in Krystle's Thunderheart HDT. Wendy tatted the one in pink.

Frivole has taken her finding and created a lovely square motif.

Isdihara shares pictures from Tat Days where cherry blossoms were the subject of several quilts, one with an orchard of cherry trees, one with a single branch, one with branches offset by blocks of Japanese art prints and a table runner with a blossoming branch and a swarm of tatted butterflies. Among the treasures she received was this pretty beaded posy, a gift from Marie Smith who it was rumored made 100 of them to hand out. Erin Holloway made this brooch for Isdihara. CrazyMom tatted this stunning bookmark in Gina Brummet's Tequila Sunrise and a lovely forest green.

Kelly tatted a tiara for a friend who was getting re-married. This pendant was inspired by some of the new things she test tatted for Vicki. The tatting used with these finding is in Lizbeth size 20 and she discovered that tatting with findings and beads was very enjoyable.

Marty was trying for an asymmetrical earring design with her findings, but between the metallic thread and the zillions of picots she figured there was no way she could make 2 alike. The other design she has turned into a pendant.

Sue's friend Cheryl tatted her first pattern, the Small Rosette from Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden in size 10 Lizbeth Navy Blue.

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