Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Shoes, Bookmarks, Motifs, Critters, Doilies, Edgings, Necklaces and Earrings

Wooroosa wasn't satisfied with just mini shoes, she had to go all the way to micro mini shoes. These pretty in pink shoes were tatted with polyester hand quilting thread and measure only 21.6 mm.

Margaret shows her display at the Shepton Show where one lady bought a heart to take home and show folks the thread colours and another wanted to know if the items were hand made, while watching her tat.

Lelia received a package with lots of goodies from Diane which included a Stumpy bookmark. The lovely notecard and chest were a gift from Denise, one of the Tollway Tatters. Inside the chest was more tatting which matched the shuttle Diane gave her. The tatting is now displayed on her Hello Kittys and she thinks the chest might make a good storage case for her growing shuttle collection.

Ginny is finishing up her vacation and shows us all the tatting that she has done surrounding tatting done by Maureen.

Julie shares another of her grandmother's pieces which is reminiscent of an afghan square. The trim she was working on for her daughter's dress is finally completed and of course had to be worn the second it was done. The silver tatted necklace is one of the tatted treasures that belonged to Julie's grandmother. The ruffled edge tatted doily is another piece done by her grandmother.

Marta has another necklace and earring set completed.

Diane issued a dare to tat around some doodads and took up her own dare tatting Fox's Athalia in size 20 Lizbeth #166, Pink Cocoa. Lily and Ella both asked for tatted stars so Diane tatted this one from Oh My Stars! by Kaye Judt. The second one is a little different because she forgot to change picot sizes. Here are the 2 sets ready for the birthdays.

Fox shows Julie Patterson's bookmark before, during and after blocking. Since she doesn't like ironing, she's decided pinning out her tatting is a better option, and Masquerade looks better for it. Figuring out how to get the bead below the picot was a bit of a challenge, but she has it mastered now. Umintsuru has been tatting blocks and Fox just had to join her with Sue Hanson's Snowflake pattern. The treasured bookmark from Rachel that has been missing was found by the postal worker who returned it to a very happy Fox. So, of course, Fox had to give the postal worker a lovely tatted bookmark just to say thank you. Now she's on to a pattern designed by Angeline Crichlow like the one Umintsuru used on her hanky.

Isdihara spent some time demoing at the fair. Round one of the Frauberger motif in size 40 and started another in size 20. Instructions for a second round are included in the Frauberger PDF and she hasn't yet decided what she;ll do.

Jess's little girl models the tatted hairclip, Jess finished.

Sue added her bandaid heart to a t-shirt for a friend. She ran out of Rainbow-licious HDT tatting Mary Konior's Large Cross and was able to finish it when Jess came to the rescue and sent her more.

Wanda was having trouble adding a bead to the middle of a ring and she thinks she'll have better success with a split ring. has been working on the pattern for the latest version of barefoot sandals, trying to write out on paper what she did in thread.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I just went crazy looking at the highlighted tatting notes. I do this two... Just love highlighters! I've been tatting for more than thirty-five years. I even invented my own symbology or code of highlighters to match my tatting terms. Yellow = R, Pink = CH, Orange = commands RW, CUT AND TIE, Blue = switch shuttles, etc, etc, happy tatting!

My favorite items to tat are baby bonnets. I've completed over seven. Three of those are my own creations. I have five in the works now. I'm in the process of setting up A standard formula to convert bonnet patterns using thread above size forty to size 10 and twenty,

In 2007, my new granddaughter was born in Hawaii. I was in a rush to complete more bonnets and booties for her. It was so amazing how many people would stop to admire her and the bonnets. Fun, fun, fun!