Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mini Shoe, Flowers, Motifs, Necklaces, Earrings, Doilies, Hearts, Ornaments, Snowflakes and Bracelet

Wooroosa tatted another mini shoe, this time in solid pink. Just to show you how truly MINI it is she put it on a doll. Don't sneeze, you'll blow it away.

Marie's next Daisy was tatted with Lizbeth size 20 in Falling Leaves and Gold and then with the same colours reversed, followed by Turquoise Twist and White also size 20.

Lelia gathered with tatting friends to share threads, shuttles and the joy of tatting. She tried this motif from Mini Tats in size 40 pink and now she's doing it in size 20 blue.

Marta worked this necklace in white on white and even though it uses monochromatic tones it isn't monotonous. The next necklace and earring set looks beautiful but it gave her a hard time tatting it.

Diane tatted the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat for Ella also in Berry Burst and it ended up being the same size as Lily's doily. The Tollway Tatters got together and Sue Anna showed a round robin piece she is working on, Carol worked on a motif from Mini Tats. Diane's daughter started tatting and this is her first earring. Her granddaughter Eva loves her new MOB hair clip from Jess and she's been working on perfecting her chains. Diane is using a skein of Jess's 4-Eva HDT to tat a new project which turns out to be another Spinning Wheel Glass |Mat. She started Hearts for Misha, but made a mistake on the one on the left, but the one on the right uses the same finding as Fox's and turned out perfect.

Fox tatted Evelyn Earrings and she thinks she'll put them in her Etsy shop. Mary Konior's Masquerade is her current favourite motif. A perfectly tatted border in fine grey thread and attached to a lovely hanky a was sent from Umintsuru along with a terrific turquoise Heart for Misha. A vintage button about 1/2 inch and leftover Calliope Special thread from Jess with some special beads and here's Lillian, both front and back. The mounted pendant is in her Etsy shop.

Jess's Havanna doily continues to grow at row 8. This experiment with single shuttle split rings and beads could be used as a tassel or on a bookmark. At 9 rows the Havanna doily doesn't fit on the scanner and Jess has decided to stop. She accidentally missed a ring working with Messy Jess!-y Rainbow in size 60 and decided to fudge it by using a Loop Tatted Ring and the excess thread will be hidden when she attaches it to a hairclip. The completed starflower was tatted with size 40 Tat-ilicious 4-Eva HDT.

Martha tatted Fox's Athalia pattern with size 20 thread, substituting buttons for findings. The upper one is Tat-ilicious' Harvest using a half inch button and the other is Lizbeth using a three quarter inch button.

Marty continues her fair pictures with the Utahraptor and Fantasy Tree that she made for the Shuttlebirds convention. Both got first place blue ribbons, but the Utahraptor also got a "high blue" (considered for sweepstakes) ribbon and a Judge's Choice ribbon. Well deserved! The butterfly she made from Anne Bruvold's Christmas hearts also got a blue ribbon. The seven Christmas ornaments she made using Jon Yusoff's snowflake patterns, and some little bits of fillers of one kind or another also won a sweepstakes ribbon. The earrings are her first try at Beanile lace tatting using one of Nina Libin's patterns. They're made with Oren Bayan silver metallic thread and forty-bazillion size 11 blue glass seed beads and won a second place ribbon.

Michelle is tatting lots of snow for her sister.

StephanieGrace tatted Marilee Rockley's Lacy Treasure Pendant in Lizbeth Silver, size 10 with hematite-colored beads. Rhapsody Necklace also by Marilee Rockley done again in Lizbeth Silver, size 10 with more hematite-colored beads. The bracelet was tatted without a pattern in Lizbeth Charcoal Med. in size 20 with a Lavender Cat's eye bead and 2mm lavender beads.

Sue started the Five-Pointed Star from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns in Lizbeth Blue Ice, but made a mistake and had to start again. Here's the finished star in size 20 Blue Ice. Her friend Cheryl is learning to tat and here's her first bit of tatting.

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